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Robotic Process Automation

Simplify business processes and feel good about work again.

Do More With BPM


Tired of sending email updates and manual notifications? So are we.

Don’t spend your valuable time doing work that can be done automatically. You’ll save considerable time and effort with the DocuPhase workflow automation solution which will:

  • Provide consistency and visibility into your day-to-day tasks with visual workflow paths
  • Accelerate the decision making and approval process with automatic task routing
  • Enable drag-and-drop customizability using our process designer

Repetitive Tasks Waste Time

8 out of 10 companies still use unstructured manual tools (like email, spreadsheets, and even personal visits) to drive routine work processes

4 out of 5 managers say these processes cause significant delays

44% of managers say using email and spreadsheets reduces productivity

It costs $1 to verify the accuracy of data at the time of entry, $10 to clean up data in batch, and $100+ if no action is taken at all

Get More Done with Business Process Automation:

We obsess over our email inboxes, and find ourselves updating spreadsheets and doing too much “busy work.” The fact is, these administrative processes aren’t fulfilling, and they cause employees to feel undervalued. By enabling workflow automation, you can rule out many of the manual, low-value tasks that eat up the day. Empower your team to focus on what matters most: what they were actually hired to do

Our workflow automation solution allows you to see how processes are being completed in real-time. If you don’t like it, change it easily with an interactive drag-and-drop interface. Regardless of spikes in workload, you’ll have the ability to handle more, and work less. 

How We Make It Happen


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Instantly capture and convert documents into an electronic format, and index them into your company’s central repository with your laptop or smartphone - from anywhere, at any time.

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Process Designer

SEE your work as it flows from start to finish, define your rules, and communicate with users accross the organization through one simple interface.

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Work Queue

Prioritize work based on importantance. Work is presented only when all of the information is available, alllowing tasks to move downstream and avoiding bottlenecks and unnecessary back and forth.

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OCR technology lets you instantly capture and convert documents into a highly usable electronic format.


Discover how business process automation enabled a 96% increase in productivity and a 46% reduction in processing time for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

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