Process Mapping &
Robotic Process Automation

Simplify business processes and drive growth across your organization.


Have you ever thought, "There has to be an easier way"? Automate and simplify your work with DocuPhase.

Don’t spend your valuable time doing work that can be done automatically. You’ll save considerable time and effort with the DocuPhase workflow automation solution:

  • Take control of all your business processes with our drag-and-drop process modeling tool 
  • Provide consistency and visibility into your day-to-day tasks with visual workflow paths
  • Accelerate the decision making and approval process with automatic task routing
  • Enable drag-and-drop customizability using our process designer

Repetitive Tasks Waste Time

8 out of 10 companies still use unstructured manual tools (like email, spreadsheets, and even personal visits) to drive routine work processes

4 out of 5 managers say these processes cause significant delays

44% of managers say using email and spreadsheets reduces productivity

It costs $1 to verify the accuracy of data at the time of entry, $10 to clean up data in batch, and $100+ if no action is taken at all

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We'll help you evaluate how automation can be deployed in your organization.  Our expert team can provide key insights, vision, best practices, and an understanding of how automation can transform your processes into a more effective business solution.

Get More Done with Business Process Automation:

Power, flexibility, expandability are just a few of the words our clients use to describe the DocuPhase Process Designer.  It is their platform for continuous process improvement and allows them to leverage their investment across their organization, providing an unmatched return on investment.

What if each member of your team had his or her own robotic assistant that collected needed information from your systems, files, customers, vendors, and other team members and delivered it proactively when everything was ready to be worked.  If something was missing or delayed, the bots would send emails and reminders, escalating things as required, following your defined business processes and procedures, automating tasks, and freeing your team to do more.  

Enterprise Automation allows:

  • Everyone in your organization to work smarter and faster
  • Less stress and pressure
  • Assured compliance
  • Maintained audit trails
  • The highest levels of security

To learn more and explore the possibilities of automation, click here to see what processes others have automated. 


The DocuPhase Automation Platform

Docuphase provides your organization with the fundamental components needed to automate any process:



Take control of your business processes with our drag-and-drop process modeling tool


Go paperless and increase efficiency with document management software


Collect information externally and connect your company internally


Efficiently and easily convert the data needed to power your business processes


Integrate with your existing systems to keep your data accurate and up to date

Discover how each of these can help drive productivity, effectiveness, and value.

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See how business process automation enabled a 96% increase in productivity and a 46% reduction in processing time for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

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