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Patients over Process

The patient experience is at the center of everything healthcare professionals do, yet obstacles can stand between your team and the patients – mounds of data entry, information management, financial operations, and more. How can you concentrate on ensuring the highest quality of patient care when the burden of operations and taxing processes are holding you back?

Optimize hospital administration and enhance existing operations, maximizing the performance of your entire team. We help you identify and resolve inefficiencies in every aspect of your organization:

  • Patient Records
  • HR Management & Certifications
  • Finance, Billing, Collections
  • Facilities Management
  • Hospital Operations & Administration
  • and More

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Reduce Costs

It costs about $20 in labor to store a single paper file, $120 to search for a misfiled document, and $220 to recreate a document. With electronic files, you’ll never have to track down paper again; plus, it’s faster and more cost-effective.

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Rule Out Data Breaches

While many hospitals are using the cloud, almost half aren’t confident that their data is secure. Why? Because of manual workflow processes. Data breaches are a huge concern – but keeping patient information confidential within your document management software reinforces security and peace of mind.

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Minimize Human Error

Humans make mistakes; it happens. Don’t take chances with your patients. By automating, you reduce the risk of manually inputting wrong information and giving someone the wrong medication, for instance.

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The Challenge

Paper-based claims submissions cost the healthcare system $2.58 each, while electronic claims submissions only cost the healthcare system $0.54 each.

86% of mistakes made in the healthcare industry are administrative.

The Solution

Go beyond buzzwords like increased efficiency, higher productivity, and reduced overhead.

Simply put, our team brings a passion for automation with a proven ability to transform your operations. This brings new levels of organizational effectiveness.

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"With an ongoing need for rapid access to patient files as well as a growing room cramped with two years’ worth of records, it was clear that Helen Ellis needed a powerful Document Management solution – and fast."

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