Data Capture & OCR

DocuPhase’s capture & recognition tools empower you to automate the capture of key data using OCR (optical character recognition). Your data and documents will be effortlessly organized, making information available to your team when they need it.

Eliminate Tedious Tasks

Access Data Easily

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What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

By definition, OCR  data entry is the process in which data is extracted from scanned or digital documents, reformatted, and transformed into searchable and editable text. This technology is used within DocuPhase products to extract text-based information from digital images.

The DocuPhase Enterprise Automation Platform uses automated OCR to convert documents of any format and complexity into business-ready data. For example, when an Accounts Payable Clerk scans an invoice, our platform is able to extract text from a PDF and automatically populate the GL code for this vendor before it gets sent out to be approved. The system can also validate the invoice by using predetermined rules, such as “line total must equal quantity x unit price.”


Does Your Data Contain Costly Errors?

It’s crucial that you have accurate, up-to-date data. Unfortunately, humans make errors. But there’s an alternative. You can eliminate human errors with an advanced data capture solution. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools, DocuPhase allows you to extract key data from your documents, quickly and accurately.


Tired of Being Chained to Your Office Equipment?

With on-the-go mobile capture, you can scan and upload documents from your mobile device, straight to the DocuPhase repository. Let our mobile capture app set your team free from the limitations of stationary office equipment like copiers, printers, and scanners. Users can send documents and data from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing the rest of the team to access important files instantly.

Make Work Easier with Capture and Recognition

DocuPhase’s advanced capture and recognition tools make it simple to get your documents and data into our user-friendly document repository. Whether files enter your organization through the mail or digitally, they can be processed quickly and made available to the people who need to access them. When you partner with DocuPhase, you’ll be able to:

  • Capture documents whether you’re on-the-go or at the office
  • Use OCR technology to extract key data from incoming documents
  • Automatically file and index important emails and attachments
  • Drag and drop files directly into the DocuPhase document repository
  • Organize your files in our easy-to-use Enterprise Content Management system

On-the-Go Mobile Capture

With DocuPhase’s mobile capture tools, there’s no need to return to the office to get documentation into the system. You’ll be able to upload documents on-the-go, giving your team instant access to the information they need.

Cutting-Edge OCR Technology

The DocuPhase OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system allows you to pull data from electronic files, eliminating the need for tedious data entry tasks. When you automate data collection and synchronization, you can free your team to focus on higher-value tasks.



Ready to Start Your Digital Transformation?

Free your organization from the headache of endless data entry. Our advanced capture and OCR tools empower your team to focus on higher-value work, while keeping your data updated and synchronized, automatically. Find out how our capture & recognition solution works, and how it can help you kick off your company’s Digital Transformation.


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