Capture & Recognition

Scan. Sort. Index.

Do More with Advanced Capture


Capture and Index Data, Effortlessly

Automation is more important than ever now that many organization are enforcing strict budgets and seeking to do more with less. Being able to scan documents and have the software automatically extract pertinent information, such as header/line item details, can save you considerable time and effort. That saved effort adds up to a high return on investment in less time than it takes you to find a file in that dusty ol’ cabinet.

  • On-the-go mobile capture
    Submit files from mobile devices or tablets.
  • Quick implementation
    Go live within weeks, and hit the ground running.
  • Operate at the Speed of Business
    Scan and index right the first time – quickly.

Get Organized

DocuPhase’s capture and recognition solution frees up your staff to do the things they were hired for, not tedious data entry. These administrative tasks aren’t profitable, nor are they high value to your employees. No one wins with the humdrum of manual work.


Reduce errors


Improve security


Expedite document availability


Decrease on-site storage


Discover how DocuPhase’s Document Manangement Core turned a document disaster into a simplified and automatic storage system at Oklahoma Surgical Hospital.

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