Customer Service Automation

Make servicing clients easy and hassle-free with online support and portals

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Provide Quick Turnaround Time That Satisfies

Dealing with customers always comes with its fair share of challenges – especially in today’s digital age, where fast response times and cross-channel proficiency are required for satisfaction. According to the Interactive Intelligence Group, 75% of customers feel short response times are the most important expectation.

Whether it’s dealing with a complaint or routing a caller to the right place the first time, supplying the proper channels and tools to customers is key for their loyalty and satisfaction. With outdated snail mail and sticky note reminders, you won’t be able to compete with current-day solutions.

Never fall short again with customer service automation, which empowers your clients to stay up-to-date on everything that’s happening with their account in real-time and self-service effectively.

Customer Service Automation

Rather than manually sending updates and voicemails to your customers, wouldn’t it be nice to have everything in one place for them to see? This includes performance analytics, invoices, purchase orders, and more. All this is at your fingertips with customer service automation.

See What Our Customers Are Saying:

"I no longer worry about my requests getting to the right people in time, or the need to be at my desk to sign off on urgent purchases."

- Jim Miller, CIO, Operation PAR

"I would advise anybody who is looking at purchasing DocuPhase to consider creating a user group because once you get started, everyone is going to want it."

- Kathy Bucklew, Director of Enrollment & Services, Polk College

"We didn't have many indexes, didn't have control over documents, we couldn't email from the system, we couldn't grant access for the agency as a whole to documents - until DocuPhase."

- Jeff Wilson, Systems Administrator, Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office

Self-Service, Benefits and Beyond


Reduce Costs

Get more done with the same amount, or even less! This allows your workers to provide top-tier service to a higher volume of clientele.


Mobile Access

Portal access is available on any device, making it more convenient than ever to stay updated and informed on day-to-day tasks.


Build Rapport

Your customer interactions can be more meaningful, rather than “We didn’t get your voicemail,” or “Can you send the form again?”


Need-Based Reminders

Stop sending reminders, and instead, have an automation system remind customers when something’s due.



Having work listed out in a portal eliminates back and forth, or possible kickback from a client. Instead, they’ll be well informed of your plan, and you can focus meetings on what matters most to discuss, and not get lost in the minutiae.


De-escalate Problems Faster

Solve customer problems before they grow into a larger issue. Automation allows for routine follow-up and better customer care.

Ready to Make a Difference?

Appeal to the new age of customers. When you automate the easy, tedious, tasks you're able to focus on taking care of customers and building a human relationship.

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