What are Electronic Web Forms?

Regardless of the industry, all businesses use forms to kick off their process. An electronic web form is a digital replacement for a paper form. The form can be filled out using a web browser and the data is securely stored in your document repository.

Electronic forms enable your business to surface data found in other systems, formalize any informal process, and enforce security and ensure compliance. Our Web Forms solve your process problems by connecting with each of your systems, automatically routing to the next step in the process, and completing error-free automated calculations.


Build & Deploy

Get rid of paper-based forms and quickly create forms using an intuitive, drag-and drop interface.


Kick-off Your Processes

Use an electronic form to automatically route, track and manage approvals processes.


Easy to Use

DocuPhase electronic web forms are so simple to use; there is virtually no learning curve!


System Integration

Enhance the functionality of your existing systems, including GP, Salesforce, NetSuite, and more.

Your Digital Transformation
Starts Now.

Say goodbye to the limitations of paper-based forms. Partner with DocuPhase to set up easy-to-use Web Forms that can kick off your processes quickly and easily. Find out how our Web Forms work, and how they can help initiate your organization’s Digital Transformation.


Ensure Compliance

Solve business challenges related to compliance and high transaction volumes. Use forms to ensure that your process rules are followed.


Digitize Any Paper-based Process

Our easy-to-use electronic forms can be used for applications, change requests, portal connectivity, and ad-hoc processes.


Minimize Data-Entry

Connect web forms to your existing systems and databases to ensure data integrity by automatically validating the forms.


Delight Your Vendors & Customers

Offer a rich experience to your vendors & customers online with dynamic forms, while maintaining existing business requirements



The Possibilities of Going Paperless

Create interactive electronic forms with DocuPhase

Our mobile-ready electronic forms are received within seconds of being filled out and submitted. Here’s how they work:

  • Build the form using our simple drag-and-drop form creator
  • Provide the electronic form to the person who needs to fill it out, whether that’s an employee, a vendor, or a customer
  • Kick-start your business process instantly when the form is submitted

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Eliminate Duplicate Work

Tired of Entering and Re-Entering Data?

Connect web forms to your existing systems and databases to minimize data entry. Ensure data integrity by automatically validating the forms. Use electronic forms to surface data from any system.

DocuPhase’s Web Forms eliminate the extra legwork associated with paper forms and manual processes.

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Automation-ready Web Forms

Regulate your processes and connect your systems

Our easy-to-use electronic forms can be used for applications, change requests, portal connectivity, and ad-hoc processes.

  • Add functionality to your existing systems
  • Make your processes consistent and trackable
  • Kick-start any process with a form

No more waiting on other people to get your job done. Web forms enhance the functionality of your existing systems, including Microsoft Dynamics GP, Salesforce, Acumatica, NetSuite, and more.

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Electronic Signature

Signature requirements are not a barrier to adopting paperless business forms.

Our electronic signature feature will set you free! It allows users to sign Web Forms online.

Yes, you can get official, legal signatures on your documents without having to print them out, sign, and re-scan them.

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Document Generation

Generate documents based on data entered into a web form.

DocuPhase will automatically create dynamic PDF documents from the digital form data, including signatures.

With DocuPhase electronic forms, collect each unique piece of information just once. You can map any form field including the signature to multiple PDFs. It's a win-win for everyone. New hires don't waste hours in onboarding while HR gets accurate documents.

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Partner with the enterprise automation & document management experts at DocuPhase enables you to create organizational transformation. Discover how Enterprise Automation can help your team solve your most pressing problems, while becoming more organized and consistent in your daily processes.


What Our Users Say About


I love how easy it is to make changes to a process and how easy it is to work with the software.

Christy V. - Finance Manger

We looked at many systems and this seemed to work best and was was able to be customized to our needs. We have not lost any file folders since this started!

Chandra W. - President

The DocuPhase team are fantastic collaborators, as we look for solutions together. The DocuPhase software is very intuitive yet flexible to allow for customized solutions.

Michelle P. - Corporate Controller
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