Accounting Automation

With Accounting Automation, your Accounting department can reduce process costs by increasing speed and improving accuracy.

Improved Auditability and Efficiency

Many accounting departments feel pain as a result of their manual accounting processes, and most feel there is no time to do anything about it. Accounting departments require an incredibly high level of information exchange and it must occur without error. Automation can remove the guess work, and provide information when and where it is needed flawlessly.

The DocuPhase platform includes comprehensive methodology that allows you to integrate seamlessly with your current accounting solution, significantly reducing the time and effort required to complete common Accounts Payable processes. This Virtual Workforce provides ease in capturing, approving, authorizing and paying invoices on time.

Automating the Invoice Process.


Input your invoices and supporting documentation, and DocuPhase will extract the header and line item details for you. Once captured, the information will be available in your accounting software instantly.


Advanced online invoice routing gets your requests for approvals to your list of employees quickly. And mobile device access lets busy executives authorize or schedule payments—anywhere they are, anytime.

1. PAY

Faster approvals mean faster payments, allowing your business to finally take advantage of those early payment discounts. Process automation allows your organization to not only increase ROI, but save money as well.

Advanced Self-Serve Analytics.

DocuPhase Advanced Analytics provides insightful business intelligence to increase visibility into operations, accelerate decision making and unlock the value of your data. Executive, Operational and Performance Dashboards give the specific information that each member of your team needs directly to them to monitor, evaluate and analyze operations. DocuPhase Advanced Analytics provides a high-level overview of your processes.


Process Designer

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, use the DocuPhase Business Process Designer to draw processes and define the rules which are applied to documents stored in DocuPhase.

Task Routing

Since it has been pre-determined how work gets done, DocuPhase’s Workflow Automation assigns tasks downstream to the next person in the business process.

Intuitive Work Queue

Users in the process are presented with a queue that prioritizes tasks on criticality. Quick searches are available, so users have a view into where bottlenecks are occurring.


Rest assured knowing that risk has been reduced, and your ability to remain compliant and withstand an audit are now greatly improved due to the visibility and transparency gained.

Total Success Guaranteed

Docuphase's 90-Day Guarantee

Your success drives our reputation. Before we make a commitment to your organization, we must be certain we can meet your needs. When we do make a commitment, we back it up. Your DocuPhase purchase comes with a guarantee of total success.

Our track record for on-time, on-budget implementations gives us the confidence to make such a guarantee. Unmatched by any others in the industry, our guarantee is simple: After 90 days of daily use of our Accounting Automation solution for GP, if you are not absolutely satisfied with the results, your investment will be refunded in full.

The only condition is that the software must be used for a full 90 days in order for the guarantee to be activated. Written notice must be received within 120 days of going live.

Support When You Need It Most

DocuPhase provides comprehensive support by phone and email to all registered users.

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