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The Problem with Paper in Accounting...

Paper stinks. It’s the culprit for extra costs, risks, and inefficiency in the AP process. Your work is already complicated enough. Rather than adding more stress, simplify the day-to-day with accounting automation and say goodbye to:

  • Impossibly large piles of work
  • Costly human error
  • Manual data entry

You Deserve a Better Workday

Labor consumes 62% of the total cost of AP *

34% of companies indicated that vendor invoice discrepancy is the highest pain point in managing partner satisfaction **

On average, 3.6% of invoices have errors


Everyday Tasks – Solved with Robotic Accounting Automation

We get it – your team is constantly fighting the clock to resolve invoice issues, chase down receipts and approvals, and perform mindless tasks, like data entry for example. All of that’s got to have your mind spinning. You need a way to simplify what you’re doing and get visibility into process bottlenecks.

The good news is you can reclaim control by automating routine accounting processes like AP invoice receiving, AP data entry, 3-way matching, GL coding, exception processing, expense report processing, approval routing and notifications, journal entry approval and tracking, and customer and vendor process notifications.

You can stop fielding all of those tiresome questions, like whether an invoice was processed or a payment was received. Regardless of department, automation software can track where your invoices are and what stage of the process they’re in.

Questions? Answered. Issues? Resolved.


With everything stored securely and electronically, you’ll never have to dig through filing cabinets again for that missing document or invoice.

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Automatic Indexing

No more searching for files in manila folders – instead, your files are instantly tagged and stored for easy retrieval.

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Task Routing

Never forward another invoice from your email inbox. Instead, let DocuPhase automatically route them to the necessary decision makers for approval and electronic sign-off.

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