Accounting  Automation

One of the biggest challenges faced by accounting teams is the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks like approval routing, data entry, and 3-way matching. Overcome these challenges with DocuPhase.

Never Lose an Invoice

No more searching for invoices or other files that are misplaced or missing. Capture and store all bills, invoices and related content required to effectively manage the department.

System Integration

Work in one integrated system, rather than switching back and forth between systems. Integrate with Dynamics GP, NAV, AX, NetSuite and more to correlate and extract data from any source.

Improve Data Accuracy

Automatically verify the accuracy of your data. Gain visibility into all content and processes for increased clarity, quick verification and approval. Eliminate payment of duplicate invoices.

What is Accounting Automation?

When an organization employs accounting automation, it goes beyond buzzwords like “lean accounting” and “cloud accounting,” to something even more powerful – automated accounting. Suddenly, accountants don’t have to perform 3-way matching or manually enter data. The majority of the accounts payable process is automated, which is fantastic! They only need to intervene when there are exceptions or when higher-level thinking is required.

Is there a snag in your approval process?

Our drag-and-drop process modeler and bot builder allows you to map out and automate each step of the approval process, from receiving invoices to routing approvals and setting up new vendors, all without sacrificing the accuracy of your data. Plus, real-time analytics will help you identify process bottlenecks and make adjustments as needed.

accounting automation

Are You Worried an Audit Would Be a Huge Setback?

If you’ve already got a full plate, where would you find the time to deal with the demands of auditors? With DocuPhase, the answer is simple. With our Enterprise Content Management system, all of your files are stored in a secure repository. If auditors come knocking, you’ll be able to present them with the digital files they need, quickly and easily.

Reclaim Control with Accounting and Finance Automation

DocuPhase’s accounting and finance automation solution provides you with the tools you need to simplify, organize, and automate all of your accounting processes. Alleviate the burden of repetitive manual tasks, setting your team free to do higher-value work that better utilizes their talents. Our solution includes:

  • AP invoice receiving and filing
  • Automated data entry, 3-way matching, and GL coding
  • Expense report processing
  • Rules-based approval routing
  • Customer and vendor process notifications
  • Integration with your current accounting software

Automated Task and Document Routing

Invoice routing can cause unnecessary sticking points in your processes. Let DocuPhase automatically route invoices to the necessary decision makers for approval and electronic signoff. You’ll never have to forward another invoice from your email inbox.

Financial System Integration

No more jumping from one piece of software to another, entering data multiple times. Our seamless integrations allow your programs to talk to each other and update in real time. Whether you use Quickbooks, NetSuite, GP, NAV, SL, or another accounting system, our integration experts can connect the DocuPhase solution with your existing software.



Your Accounting Department’s Digital Transformation Starts NOW

Forget lost documents, complex processes, and long days at the office. Our team specializes in guiding you through your journey to a paperless, automated workplace. Find out how our accounting and finance automation solution works, and how it can help you kick off your company’s Digital Transformation.


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