Human Resources Automation

Drive innovation into your HR processes, with simplified onboarding and records management

Do More With Human Resources Automation

Simplify and Automate Your HR Processes

Attract, Recruit, Engage, and Retain Employees

HR has many obstacles and loads of administrative work. Do you find yourself struggling with:

Manual processes and spreadsheets ?

Employee development?


Disconnected systems?

No analytics to prove value?

Recruiting, onboarding, and retaining?

Employee turnover?

Maintaining personnel records?

Often, the time poured into updating repetitive numbers and spreadsheets could be spent higher-value work that provides a better degree of visibility and analytics - the things that really matter to the bottom line.

You don’t have to keep pulling your hair out over these stressors.

With HR automation solutions, you can make room for the work that’s most important, while making sure all of your data and documents are centralized and compliant.


Automation and HR

Automation allows you to share, store, view, and secure information in one central repository. The tasks that used to require painstaking detail and work are simplified.

  • File records relating to employee benefits, like healthcare and 401k
  • Get employee feedback and reviews
  • Store information that’s backed up in the event of an outage
  • Stay compliant and audit-ready
  • Organize and index important employee documents
  • Update data once, and not across multiple systems and software
  • Secure sensitive information, so only permitted employees are able to access
  • Process paid time off requests

Success That Speaks for Itself

With HR automation, you can reduce costs and increase productivity – all without increasing the number of employees. That’s because those annoying paper-pushing tasks such as onboarding and healthcare can be completed and routed quicker and more efficiently with automation.


Simplify Onboarding

As you hire new team members, the system automatically sends them all important documents – W-4, I-9, any noncompete clauses, etc. – to minimize the time needed to start work.


Drive Integration

Have the confidence to know the information entered in your automation software will sync with your other systems in real-time.


Eliminate Spreadsheets

Forget the pains of useless spreadsheets that don’t transfer information (in fact, the majority of spreadsheets also contain mistakes!).


Boost Employee Engagement

Your HR workers will have more time to find what fuels employee engagement, which will positively impact your bottom line and improve retention.


Prove Value

All HR efforts, with automation, can be tracked and linked back to key analytics. This will not only reinforce the department’s value, but it will also encourage stakeholders to provide more funding for employee development and training.



Have the power to view, sign, and circulate important documents at the speed of business – on any device.

Altus Global Trade Solutions

Real-World Success

See how the HR department at Altus Global Trade Solutions was able to eliminate inconsistencies and errors due to manual entry and paperwork.

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