About DocuPhase

Founded in Clearwater, FL

Clearwater is the home of powder white beaches, Winter the Dolphin, and DocuPhase! DocuPhase was founded in May of 2000. Our first project involved helping a pharmaceutical company go paperless and automate repetitive tasks. 

Driven by Customer Experience

At DocuPhase, we’re driven by creating a better workplace for our customers. Our mission is to make the lives of our clients easier, to cut down on their effort and frustration, and to save them money. With our clients’ needs in mind, we deliver easy-to-use solutions and offer a support team to help them through any questions that come up.

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Our Platform

DocuPhase delivers process automation, document management, and capture tools designed to help your enterprise stay organized and meet evolving technology and business needs. 

When you use our integrated platform to manage all of your core business functions, you work more effectively, automate service delivery, and provide top-tier customer experiences.
We solve your most challenging problems, including access to information, burdensome approval processes, high transaction volumes, and complex compliance issues.