About DocuPhase

Founded in Clearwater, FL

Home of powder white beaches, Winter the Dolphin, and DocuPhase! DocuPhase was founded as Titan Data Corporation in May of 2000. Our first project involved helping a pharmaceutical company go paperless and automate repetitive tasks. Since then, we've built a base of over 450 contacts and over 10,000 users.

Driven by Customer Experience

At DocuPhase, we’re driven by creating a better workplace for our customers. Our mission is to make the lives of our clients easier, to cut down on their effort and frustration, and to save them money. With our clients’ needs in mind, we deliver easy-to-use solutions and offer a support team to help them through any questions that come up.

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Our Platform

On average, we provide a major release of our platform once per year, with smaller releases in between. We thrive on customer feedback and making feature requests a reality.

In addition to helping companies go paperless, our solution can also automate tasks and processes. DocuPhase can connect with existing programs, which lets our clients cut out redundant work and share information and files with the right people. Basically, we do whatever we can to make people's jobs simpler and less stressful.

DocuPhase Timeline

  • 2000 - Titan Data is born
  • 2002 - Initial product platform is released
  • 2003 - Titan Data becomes iDatix
  • 2004 - iDatix introduces Invoice Processing, Document Management Core, Capture Core, Recognition Core, Ad-hoc Workflow, and iLink Integration Technology
  • 2008 - iDatix develops Processes and Workflow Automation (now known as Robotic Process Automation), Visual Process Designer, Task Assistance Automation, Advanced Data Integration, and Process Management Reporting
  • 2014 - iDatix creates Purchase Requisitions/Purchase Orders and Integrated Web Forms
  • 2015 - iDatix’s product and company are renamed DocuPhase

18 Years Experience

450+ Clients

10,000+ Users