Workflow Automation Software

Partner with DocuPhase to revitalize your processes, creating up-to-date automated workflows that meet today’s business needs. Draw your future with workflow automation!

Build & Deploy

Quickly design, deploy and manage workflows using a drag-and-drop, no-coding template. Proactively drive your business processes whether your workflows are simple or complex.

Enforce Business Rules

Automate business decisions and enforce business rules and controls. Reduce the demands and expense of compliance and have greater oversight into how work is getting done.

Grow & Scale

Set a foundation for growth by empowering your team to do more with less. Stay focused on increasing productivity and efficiency without the worry of adding overhead.

What is Workflow Automation?

Chances are you are currently experiencing the symptoms of process problems: missed deadlines, inadequate information to make vital business decisions, unnecessary expenditures, lost documents, duplication of efforts…and the list goes on. Process automation, also known as workflow automation, eliminates these problems by bringing together people, processes and information. Work moves through the organization without unnecessary administrative burden so tasks are completed in a fraction of the time it takes manually.

The knowledge and expertise of your workforce is built into the automated processes, providing everyone in the organization with the know-how needed to do their job quickly and effectively. The resulting process visibility allows for better-informed decisions and the ability to rapidly resolve issues. Your organization is empowered with an efficient cloud-based solution that drives your day-to-day business activities. Suddenly, you don’t have any process problems anymore.

This is the power of DocuPhase Progression, our industry leading process automation solution. Progression allows you to integrate, design, execute, manage and ultimately transform your business into a more efficient, accountable and profitable organization easier than any solution on the market. Draw the future of your business!


Our browser-based, drag and drop interface bridges the gap between IT and business professionals.

Powerful Workflows Without Complex Creation. Our process automation solution allows you to design and build complex workflows with a simple, intuitive user interface. Designing and managing your processes is now configurable without scripting, coding, or programming. Create unique parallel or sequential processes for single, group, or departmental workflows from within an easy to use, drag and drop environment.

Standardization & Automation. Standardize your processes to create consistent workflows that improve accuracy and reduce time to completion. Set rules that allow the system to automatically route work based on your unique business needs. Enable reactive routing that occurs automatically based on value authority, task completion, or specific events as defined by your specific business rules. Design the workflows that your business requires, simply and effectively.

Work Prioritization. When building your workflows, you have the power to assign work to specific user roles, rather than requiring the work to be sent to a specific person. For example, rather than creating a process that routes all invoices to Sally for payment, invoice tasks are assigned to any user that has “invoice payment” as part of their approved roles. With role based routing, work is prioritized and can move forward as quickly as possible without the bottlenecks associated with specific, named routing.



Maximize the value of your most expensive resource: people.

Adaptable Workflows in Real Time. Every task within your process is presented to the users via their queue, referred to as a “dynamic queue.” Each of these dynamic queues consist of all the tasks each employee is subscribed to, in order of priority. As work items are completed or priorities change, the dynamic queue will adapt in real time, enabling your processes to become a flexible and intuitive part of the business.

Get More Done, Quicker. Traditional routing and ad hoc workflows are sequential; they follow a step by step order. Our process automation software allows for tasks and projects to occur simultaneously. Multiple components of the same process can be completed in parallel. This eliminates unnecessary wait times and tasks are completed quicker and easier. Your business processes are now flexible, adaptable and scalable to business growth.

Mobile support means that work can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Whether you are an executive that needs to complete approvals while on the road, or an employee that needs to access their tasks while working from home, work no longer needs to come to a halt simply because someone isn’t in the office.

Automatic notifications ensure that no work slips through the cracks. Users are alerted when a new task has entered their queue, or if an approval has not been completed in a specific amount of time.


Gain real-time visibility into the processes driving your organization to quickly identify opportunities and reduce bottlenecks.

Finally – Business Visibility & Transparency. Process automation provides complete visibility into your business processes. You gain a bird’s eye view of how your operations are running in real time, allowing you to identify potential bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.

Flexible & Intuitive Processes. Exceptions happen. And with Progression, you can manage the unexpected by redirecting work when necessary. The flexible nature of our process automation solution enables advanced exception handling, which allows for straight-through automation when applicable, and the human touch when necessary.

Instantly Adjust Workflows & Tasks. The easy to use interface allows business managers to adjust workflows on the fly using simple, drag-and-drop tools. With just a few clicks, you can quickly reallocate resources and improve processes.

Get Alerted. Enable real-time notifications and receive alerts immediately of any current or upcoming changes that could affect your business operations.



Seamlessly unite your data, content, and business processes.

The Power of Integration. You need information to make critical business decisions on a daily basis; whether it’s a number in your accounting software, information from a word document, or the content from a public form, DocuPhase makes your data and content accessible, actionable, and drives efficiencies.

Connect your Core Systems. Your company already depends on many systems: HR software, CRM, accounting software, ERP, etc. But often, the data that you need to make decisions is stuck in these system silos. By integrating and connecting our process automation software with your core systems, your data is now a dynamic part of your business processes.

Bringing Together Content, Data & People. Once your data has been connected, we need to gather and link all of your documents, spreadsheets, contracts, checks, pictures, etc. to your workflows. This is accomplished by integrating our process automation software with our document management system, which houses all of your unstructured content. All of your business critical content and data becomes a part of your business, connecting and following the work as it flows through your organization.

Leverage Web Forms. With web forms you can eliminate the need for paper-based forms. DocuPhase Forms are web-based electronic forms that can be accessed, viewed, and completed from anywhere, at any time. Use DocuPhase Forms to streamline processes, such as expense reporting and time off requests, or use public forms to electronically collect application information.


Empower your organization to achieve continual improvement with process automation.

Add to the Bottom Line. Gain visibility into where your company could reduce waste and analyze the areas where your organization could be dramatically transformed. With our solutions, Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee was able to eliminate a room full of filing cabinets, reduce time spent on paperwork by 25% and ultimately save over $100,000 a year.

Enable Continuous Improvement. Advanced business intelligence tools allow for continual process improvement. View historical trends, gain current insight and improve business forecasting with intelligent analytics and reports.

Gain Business Insight. Reporting and metrics provide insight into your business never before available. Continue to refine and improve your processes over time for optimal business performance.


Ready to Start Your Digital Transformation?

Forget outdated processes, repetitive tasks, and long days at the office. Our team specializes in guiding you through your automation journey. Find out how our Robotic Process Automation solution works, and how it can help you kick off your company’s Digital Transformation.


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