Banking Automation

Managing customer expectations, along with your own profitability, can be challenging.

As regulatory pressures continue to increase, Enterprise Automation technology can help you meet demands related to:

  • Audits & Compliance
  • Lending
  • Check Processing
  • Bank Operations
  • Member Services

In today's financial landscape, it's difficult to know which solution is the best choice for your organization. DocuPhase’s banking automation solution delivers increased visibility, accuracy, and compliance, partnered with decreased costs and risks.

Are Data Errors Costing You Money and Customers?

When you’re dealing with people’s money, data errors aren’t easily overlooked. With DocuPhase’s automated data entry and filing, these costly human errors can be eliminated, making your data more accurate, which in turn provides a better overall experience for your customers.


Are You Having Trouble Keeping Up with Customer Expectations?

Customers today expect instant access to the information they need. If you can’t meet their demands, they’ll go to a competitor that can. With DocuPhase’s customer portals, your customers can submit requests and view the status of their accounts from anywhere with an internet connection, whether they’re on a computer or a mobile device.

Improve Operational Efficiency and Provide a Better Customer Experience with Banking Automation

DocuPhase’s banking automation solution provides you with the tools you need to simplify, organize, and automate all of your back-office processes. Partner with DocuPhase to ensure consistent, error-free processing and faster turn-around times. Our solution enables you to:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Enhance Member Services
  • Minimize Errors
  • Integrate with Existing Systems

Self-Service Portals

With DocuPhase’s self-service customer portals, your customers gain instant web-based access to their account information, and can submit requests through web forms. Portals enable your organization to improve turn-around time, while keeping your tech-savvy customers satisfied and informed.

Lower Operational Costs

With electronic files and automated processes, you can feel confident that your processes are as consistent and efficient as possible. It costs about $20 in labor to store a single paper file, $120 to search for a misfiled document, and $220 to recreate a document. Multiply those figures by the number of documents you manage. The savings is staggering!



Your Banking Digital Transformation Starts NOW

Forget paper-driven processes and long days at the office. Our team specializes in guiding you through your journey to a paperless, automated workplace. Find out how our banking automation solution works, and how it can help you kick off your organization’s Digital Transformation.


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At DocuPhase, we’re driven by innovation, problem solving, and creating a better workplace for our customers. Our mission is to partner with our clients, delivering innovative solutions that automate and simplify the workplace with unmatched customer support.



DocuPhase is your Enterprise Automation partner! Based on your company’s goals and desired outcomes, the DocuPhase team delivers a rapidly deployed solution that will make your office a better workplace with simplified, automated processes and greater capacity for growth.