Banking Automation

A Better Experience for Your Team and for Your Customers

Do More With Banking Automation

Providing a Positive Customer Journey

The customer journey you're able to provide is a reflection of everything going behind the scenes of your financial institution - from your new member onboarding process to the range of services offered to existing customers. Inconsistent and inefficient practices can prevent you from delivering a high-quality experience to your valued customers.

Optimize existing operations with the DocuPhase Enterprise Automation Platform, maximizing the performance of your entire team. We help you identify and resolve inefficiencies in every aspect of your organization, which in turn allows you to deliver a more rewarding experience to your customers.

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Reduce Costs

With electronic files, you’ll never have to track down paper again; plus, it’s faster and more cost-effective. It costs about $20 in labor to store a single paper file, $120 to search for a misfiled document, and $220 to recreate a document. Multiply those figures by the number of documents you manage. The savings is staggering!

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Enhance Member Services

With self-service portals, your members will be able to access the information they need. Custom electronic forms deliver new submissions to you instantly, so you can provide better service to your valued customers.

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Minimize Errors

Humans make mistakes; it happens. Don’t take chances with your customers' finances. By automating data entry and syncing DocuPhase with your existing systems, you reduce the risk of manually inputting wrong information or working with out-of-date data.

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The Challenge

Managing customer expectations, along with your own profitability, can be challenging. Regulatory pressures continue to increase, while new technologies compete to help you meet demands related to:

  • Audits & Compliance
  • Lending
  • Check Processing
  • Bank Operations
  • Member Services

In today's financial landscape, it's difficult to know which solution is the best choice for you.

The Solution

Go beyond buzzwords like increased efficiency, higher productivity, and reduced overhead.

Simply put, our team brings a passion for automation with a proven ability to transform your operations. This brings new levels of organizational effectiveness and a greater experience for your customers.

Banking automation means increased visibility, accuracy, and compliance, partnered with decreased costs and risks.


"Prior to DocuPhase, AgFirst’s current state was not scalable and needed to be replaced with a flexible and open-ended system to accommodate future growth. The organization was struggling to find a data storage system that suited their needs"

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