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DocuPhase Enterprise Automation Platform

The DocuPhase Enterprise Automation Platform can be used to manage your content and automate processes within any department or team.

With your information all in one secure location, your important business content is delivered to you when you need it, wherever you or your teammates are.

What processes can be automated?

DocuPhase automation bots can complete a variety of tasks, including approvals, document routing, data entry, sending alerts and reminders, and more. Any process that includes manually working with administrative paperwork to perform routine data entry or where mission-critical information needs to be distributed across the organization for review is a good candidate for automation.

DocuPhase begins working when a document is added or when a data event is recognized by the system. From there, the business rules defined by your organization are applied, and routine decisions are automatically made.

Once the bots have done all they can to validate and collect new information pertinent to making an informed decision, the work is routed as a complete package to a knowledgeable employee to take the next step. 

When employees can focus on higher-level tasks, productivity increases as a direct byproduct of eliminating low-value busywork. We have seen automation work within a wide variety of processes and industries.

What industries does DocuPhase work with?

DocuPhase has delivered solutions to a wide range of clients, including representatives from the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Software
  • Food Services
  • Managed Services
  • Government

That said, our primary focus is on perfecting Accounting Automation; however, our solution reaches beyond the accounting team and can be used in virtually any department.

How much does the solution cost?

The total cost of your software investment is dependent on the components you will need, the number of licenses you'll be using, and other factors. We want you to feel comfortable with what you'll be investing, what you'll be getting for your money, and what return on investment you'll see in the future. Please contact us for more details about pricing.

What is Accounting Automation?

When an organization employs accounting automation, it goes beyond buzzwords like “lean accounting” and “cloud accounting,” to something even more powerful – automated accounting. Suddenly, accountants don’t have to perform 3-way matching or manually enter data.

The majority of the accounts payable process is automated, which is fantastic! They only need to intervene when there are exceptions or when higher-level thinking is required.

New Customers

Customers new to DocuPhase often have many questions. We do our best to answer any and all questions through our sales and professional services teams.

These are some of the most frequent questions new customers have once they have signed on.

How long does it take to implement the system?

Implementation time depends on the scope of your project. A straightforward implementation with an engaged client can be completed in as little as three weeks. More complicated projects for clients who have limited availability will necessarily take longer.

What should I expect after purchasing the solution?

After becoming an official DocuPhase client, you can expect to be introduced to our Professional Services team. They will be implementing your new software, either onsite or remotely.

We hope that your next move will be to schedule training for one or more of your team members. We provide monthly onsite training classes to help our clients and partners use our products more proficiently and successfully.

How frequently does my software need to be upgraded?

We recommend that you upgrade each time a new version is released. Information about our latest release can be accessed at On this page, current clients can sign up for a free upgrade assessment.


DocuPhase prides itself on developing lasting relationships with our customers. We provide prompt expert answers to any issues that may require our support, helping you reduce the effort of operating your valuable software.

How can I get support/help?

DocuPhase provides comprehensive support by phone and email to all registered users. You can reach our support team by phone at (727) 441-8228 or via email at

DocuPhase Automation Use Cases

Process automation, also known as workflow automation, eliminates the problems associated with manual tasks by bringing together people, processes and information. Work moves through the organization without unnecessary administrative burden so tasks are completed in a fraction of the time it takes manually.

What systems can DocuPhase integrate with?

Here at DocuPhase, we often say that we've never met a database we couldn't integrate with. While our greatest experience is with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Netsuite, and Acumatica, our software is capable of integrating with a wide range of ERP and enterprise-level systems.

That said, our enterprise automation platform can also work happily without integrating with one of your other databases and are still be able to operate independently as a document management and workflow system.

Which departments are best suited to implement automation?

Considering the types of work that automation can do, DocuPhase is best suited to work with departments that deal with a lot of paperwork or data entry, have a need for tracking and tight processes, require routing and follow-ups, or have compliance requirements. DocuPhase can transform outdated paper-based tasks, turning them into automated, electronic processes.

What are the advantages of implementing automation?

DocuPhase's Enterprise Automation System can lighten the everyday administrative load on your employees. DocuPhase puts valuable work at the forefront of the organization by collecting and validating information to be analyzed and acted upon by you, the real experts in the business.

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