Frequently Asked Questions

Who will train my team to use DocuPhase?

Unfortunately, there's not a Bot for that, but we do have a (human) trainer! Typically, clients will send one or two of their employees to take a certification course here in Clearwater, FL. You can view class schedules and register for a session at Certifications include Document Management, Web Forms, and Workflow. Clients also have access to our Learning Library, which offers best practices and reviews the fundamentals of our platform.

How long does it take the implement the system?

Implementation time depends on the scope of your project. A straight-forward implementation with an engaged clients can be completed in as little as three weeks. More complicated projects for clients who are less available will necessarily take longer.

What should I expect after purchasing the solution?

After becoming an official DocuPhase client, you can expect to be introduced to our Professional Services team. They will be implementing your new software, either onsite or remotely. We hope that your next move will be to schedule training for one or more of your team members. We provide monthly onsite training classes to help our clients and partners use our products more proficiently and successfully.

How do Bots actually work?

It depends on which Bot you're asking about. There are Bots for everything. They can store and share documents, enter data, sync data across systems, perform automated approvals, and much more. Here's a rundown of the specific jobs of our RAA Bots:

KeyBOT for data entry. As new documents are submitted to DocuPhase, they are read through OCR technology, and key information is automatically retrieved and recorded.

EmailBOT for email retrieval. Could you benefit from a personal mail fetcher? EmailBOT patrols your inbox, looking for certain messages and attachments. As they're found, these documents are pulled into DocuPhase.

AlertBOT for notifications. Tired of waiting on and tracking down your coworkers? Let this little guy (or gal) handle it for you. AlertBOT sends notifications and reminders when something needs to be done or when a document isn't received.

SyncBOT for connecting systems. DocuPhase can integrate with your system, passing and synchronizing data between systems, forms, and websites.

MatchBOT for 3-way matching. Eliminate human error with MatchBOT. This handy helper performs 3-way matching quickly and accurately.

ExpenseBOT for expense reporting. Your expense report process can be automated, allowing team members to make submissions through capture technology and presenting approvers with related documentation and consistent instructions.

GLBOT for GL coding. This Bot learns and enters General Ledger codes. BOT Designer for you guessed it designing Bots! This is where you can build and customize your Bots and processes. When will they send alerts? How long will they wait for documents? When is the process complete? You decide!

What systems can Bots integrate with?

Here at DocuPhase, we often say that we've never met a database we couldn't integrate with. While our greatest experience is with Microsoft Dynamics GP, our software is capable of integrating with a wide range of ERP and enterprise-level systems. That said, our Bots can also work happily without integrating with one of your other databases and are still be able to operate independently as a document management and workflow system.

Which departments are best suited to Bot assistants?
Considering the types of work that Bots can do, they are best suited to work with departments that deal with a lot of paperwork or data entry, have a need for tracking and tight processes, require routing and follow-ups, or have compliance requirements. Bots can transform outdated paper-based tasks, turning them into automated, electronic processes.
How easy is it to build Bots?

Some processes come with pre-built Bots, while others are customized either by your employees or by our Professional Services team. Once you've successfully completed our on-site training programs, you'll be able to build your own Bots and processes in our Bot Design Studio. If you'd prefer, we can take care of all of your Bot-building needs. Contact us to discuss what kinds of Bots could be assisting your team.

What are the advantages of using Bots?
Bot assistants can lighten the everyday administrative load on your employees. They put valuable work at the forefront of the organization by collecting and validating information to be analyzed and acted upon by you, the real experts in the business. Spending time and energy on finding, recreating, and following up on work that needs to get done quickly and accurately should be handled by your most reliable and trusted team members. Bots!
What can Bots do?
Bots can take care of a variety of repetitive tasks. Within an Accounting department, for example, they can read invoice data and perform routine data entry into any system, automate and learn GL coding patterns, patrol email inboxes for invoices and receipts, perform 3-way matching, and more. At the enterprise level, Bots can be built to assist with processes across the organization, such as new employee onboarding, contracts management, order processing, and more, always helping to create added capacity for growth without adding staff. For example, when Florida-Based HME Company deployed Bots within their Operations department, they were able to accommodate a 330% increase in patient volume without the need for any additional people to handle the volume.
What are Bots?

When we say “Bots,” we’re referring to software automation devices that perform specific tasks, such as data extraction, data entry, approval routing, data synchronization between disparate systems, and email notifications. These Bots serve as tireless organizational assistants to your valued human capital and intellectual property. They flawlessly perform routine tasks for them, they follow up relentlessly, returning for more information as needed, and they deliver work on time to the right people through every step of the process.

What processes can be automated?

Bots can complete a variety of tasks, including approvals, document routing, data entry, sending alerts and reminders, and more. Any process that includes manually working with administrative paperwork to perform routine data entry or where mission critical information needs to be distributed across the organization for review is a good candidate for Bot assistants. The Bots begin working when a document is added or when a data event is recognized by the system. From there, the business rules defined by your organization are applied, and routine decisions are automatically made. Once the bots have done all they can to validate and collect new information pertinent to making an informed decision, the work is routed as a complete package to a knowledgeable employee to take the next step. Bots have taken all of the administrative overhead in getting the work prepared to a state where real decisions and action can be made, which is the core of what RPA was designed to do. When employees can focus on higher-level tasks, productivity increases as a direct byproduct of eliminating low-value busy work. We have seen Bots work within a wide variety of processes and industries.

What industries does DocuPhase work with?

DocuPhase has delivered solutions to a wide range of clients, including representatives from the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Software
  • Food Services
  • Managed Services
  • Government

That said, our primary focus is on perfecting Robotic Accounting Automation; however, our solution reaches beyond the accounting silo and can be used in virtually any department.

How much does the solution cost?

The total cost of your software investment is dependent on the components you will need, the number of licenses you'll be using, and other factors. We want you to feel comfortable with what you'll be investing, what you'll be getting for your money, and what return on investment you'll see in the future. Our base systems start at $500/month with a two year contract. Please contact us for more details about pricing.

What is RAA?

Robotic Accounting Automation (RAA) is the specialized application of RPA tools within the accounting realm. When an organization employs RAA, a process that once involved data entry, the routing of several documents, and a series of approvals, now is completed almost entirely by RAA Bots, which are able to enter data, route documents, and follow business rules for approvals.

What is RPA?

Today's Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software and platforms allow us to employ Bots (software robots) that serve as assistants to your human workforce. They perform many specialized repetitive tasks, freeing your employees from mundane tasks and allowing them to focus on higher priorities.

How frequently does my software need to be upgraded?
We recommend that you upgrade each time a new version is released. Information about our latest release can be accessed at On this page, current clients can sign up for a free upgrade assessment.
What is the 90-day satisfaction guarantee?
Your success drives our reputation. Before we make a commitment to your organization, we must be certain we can meet your needs. When we do make a commitment, we back it up. Your DocuPhase purchase comes with a guarantee of total success. Our track record for on-time, on-budget implementations gives us the confidence to make such a guarantee. Unmatched by any others in the industry, our guarantee is simple: After 90 days of daily use of our Robotic Accounting Automation solution for GP, if you are not absolutely satisfied with the results, your investment will be refunded in full. The only condition is that the software must be used for a full 90 days in order for the guarantee to be activated. Written notice must be received within 120 days of going live.
How can I get support/help?
DocuPhase provides comprehensive support by phone and email to all registered users. You can reach our support team by phone at (727) 441-8228 or via email at  
Is there training I can go through?

Yes! Typically, clients will send one or two of their employees to take a certification course here in Clearwater, FL. You can view class schedules and register for a session at Certifications include Document Management, Web Forms, and Workflow. Clients also have access to our Learning Library, which offers best practices and reviews the fundamentals of our platform.