Legal Automation

Smart, Automated Solutions for Legal Industry Stressors

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Leave the Tedious Work Behind

Those passionate about law understand the grunt work they have to put in throughout their careers. Fortunately, advances in automation technology can help ease some of the stressors and alleviate the mind-numbing tedium of it all, so you can focus on more important things – like your cases and your clients.

Optimize existing operations with the DocuPhase Enterprise Automation Platform, maximizing the performance of your entire team. We help you identify and resolve inefficiencies in every aspect of your organization, which in turn allows you to deliver a more rewarding experience to your customers.

Digital Filing

Automate Your Digital Filing

No more lugging around bags and boxes that are spilling over with case files. File your documents automatically, and access them online whenever and wherever you need them.


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Tie Together Related Documents

Use electronic tagging to designate which documents are related. Retrieve documents immediately when you search by any data field or by your own customized tag.


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Looking at Computer

Find the Records You Need, Fast

Feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack? Full text search can help! Search for specific words that occur on any page, and pull them up quickly and easily.


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The Challenge

Some professions are more paper-laden than others. Attorneys take this to the next level. A single case can mean reams and reams of paper. Add to that the fact that multiple cases are worked in concurrence. That adds up to a TON of paper.

How does one person carry all of this paper? And where is it stored? The paper situation alone is enough of a reason to turn to an Enterprise Automation Platform, for the Document Management tools that are offered.

The Solution

The future of the legal profession is here, and it’s a heck of a lot more appealing than the past. According to an article on, today’s Robotic Process Automation tools offer “the chance to move the routine to the machines, freeing up lawyer time for creative and high-value tasks.”

Doesn’t that sound like something worth investing in? We think so, too.


"Other firms have actually asked us what system we use because of the way we are able to provide quick access to their document needs. The manner in which we provide document lists to other firms has provided significant savings to our firm and is a strategic advantage when it comes to competing companies."

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