Shared Services Center Automation

DocuPhase's Enterprise Automation Platform is the perfect catalyst for driving and simplifying your SSC to increase productivity, reduce costs, and set a foundation for your companies growth.

Automate the Back-Office

Centralize your back-office processes & information on the DocuPhase Platform to gain instant access to the information you need, when you need it.

Streamline Workflows

Automate and connect all your departments and processes to drastically reduce the time it takes to route and share documents.

Increased Visibility

With greater transparency, management can efficiently monitor business processes in real time, in order to make data-driven decisions.

Enforced Compliance

Reduce risk and enforce business rules and security, making it easier and less costly to maintain compliance

Competitive Advantage

With the increase of productivity, your team can perform higher value activities that directly impact success and customer satisfaction.

What is Shared Services Automation?

Shared Services is the consolidation of business operations that are used by more than one department in the same organization. Shared Services Automation is using technology to make back-office processes leaner and more efficient. 

By making use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), workflow automation, document management software, electronic business forms, and integrating with your current systems of record, Shared Services Automation can give organizations a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Connecting Finance, Human Resources, Procurement & other departments will enable organizations to efficiently collaborate across departments and boost growth.

Gain Agility with RPA

Eliminate Data Entry, Increase Capacity & Get More Done!

Power, flexibility, and expandability are just a few of the words our clients use to describe the DocuPhase drag-and-drop process modeler and bot builder. Our team and our product deliver:

  • Process improvement expertise
  • A powerful and highly configurable automation platform
  • The highest levels of security, compliance, and auditability
  • Capacity for organizational growth

As your platform for continuous process improvement, the DocuPhase Enterprise Automation Platform allows you to leverage your investment across your entire organization, providing an unmatched return on investment.


Execute with Workflow Automation

Our drag-and-drop process modeler puts the power of automation in your hands.

Powerful Workflows Without Complex Creation. Our process automation solution allows you to design and build complex workflows with a simple, intuitive user interface. Designing and managing your processes is now configurable without scripting, coding, or programming. Create unique parallel or sequential processes for single, group, or departmental workflows from within an easy to use, drag and drop environment.

Standardization & Automation. Standardize your processes to create consistent workflows that improve accuracy and reduce time to completion. Set rules that allow the system to automatically route work based on your unique business needs. Enable reactive routing that occurs automatically based on value authority, task completion, or specific events as defined by your specific business rules. Design the workflows that your business requires, simply and effectively.

Work Prioritization. When building your workflows, you have the power to assign work to specific user roles, rather than requiring the work to be sent to a specific person. For example, rather than creating a process that routes all invoices to Sally for payment, invoice tasks are assigned to any user that has “invoice payment” as part of their approved roles. With role based routing, work is prioritized and can move forward as quickly as possible without the bottlenecks associated with specific, named routing.

Instant Access with Document Management

From anywhere, at any time, get quick and convenient access to the business information you depend on.

Quick Location & Retrieval of Information. The content and data is now accessible to managers, clients, and remote workers. Your contracts, customer information, corporate images, and financial data are right at your fingertips, at all times. From your mobile devices to your desktop, you can access the data and documents in your document management software that you need to run your business and get work done.

Enable Mobility. No more hunting through filing cabinets, searching through your inbox, or running around from desk to desk looking for vital information. With DocuPhase’s Document Management Software, you can access your documents and data directly from a tablet or phone.


Dynamic Linking automatically “links” related documents, images, PDF’s, checks, all of your stored content together. Clicking the invoice number for a recent payment immediately pulls up the associated check, contract, and all other pertinent information related to that invoice number. From within the Human Resources application, you can click on an employee name to bring up all documents associated with that employee. All related information is connected and tied together for one-click access.


Data Capture & OCR

Convert your documents, images, emails, PDF’s, and any unstructured data into an electronic format so that it be easily searched for and accessed from anywhere, at any time, every time.

Automate the capture of all of your unstructured content into the document management system: emails, paper documents, images, electronic forms, spreadsheets, videos, and more.

Simplified Scanning Solutions and OCR. Our scanning software automates the sorting and indexing of your content and simplifies the process for getting paper into the system. With advanced optical character recognition (OCR), barcode and extraction solutions, you can streamline the capture of your critical business information, no matter where it is located or what format it is in.

Submit your Digital Files. Our easy-to-use, drag and drop electronic submission technology, ScanDox, simplifies the process for getting all of the information stored on your network, on your computer, and in your electronic files into DocuPhase. With a simple, straightforward interface, all of your documents, PDFs, images and videos can be immediately entered and organized into the document management repository.

Upload your Documents. Using our built in capture tab, you can instantly upload documents into the repository, making them immediately available to the people who need it, from anywhere in the world that you have access to the internet.

Web Forms. Our electronic forms technology provides the ability to capture information and submit it directly into the system. Web Forms uses your internet browser and requires no programming to develop and deploy powerful, easy to use forms. You can even capture items remotely and submit them directly into the system with our mobile app, available on Android and Apple devices.

Together, our advanced solutions work to capture, index and deposit all of your unstructured content directly into the document management repository.

Now that all of your content and data is in the document management system, you can now use this information to actually drive the work through the organization. With workflow automation, your content becomes a dynamic part of your business.


Get more work done by seamlessly connecting all of your business systems into a single, cohesive unit.

Bringing Together Data, Content & Processes. The document management software is integrated with your core business systems — your ERP, Accounting software, HR application, CRM, etc.– to connect your unstructured content in the DMS repository with the structured data that resides in your existing systems. You can now access all of your critical business data and your unstructured content from a single interface.

A Single, Cohesive Interface. Access the information stored in the document management system directly from within the business system you are working. For example, you can click a button inside of your ERP to immediately pull up all of the associated information for a transaction, such as the actual check, purchase order, and invoice stored in the document management software.

Simple, Standard and Custom Integration Support. Our solutions incorporate a wide range of tools for easy integration into traditional client-server, desktop, web-based or internally developed custom applications


Ready to Start Your Digital Transformation?

Forget lost documents, complex processes, and long days at the office. Our team specializes in guiding you through your paperless journey. Find out how our Document Management solution works, and how it can help you kick off your company’s Digital Transformation.


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