Accounting & Finance Automation

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Do More With Accounting & Finance Automation

Expedite Approvals

Without the Cost of Paper

One of the biggest challenges to accounting teams is the time spent on daily administrative tasks (the dull ones we keep mentioning, like manual data entry, searching for files, sending emails). Maintenance on purchase orders and invoices can leave anyone confused as to how to work smarter, not harder.

The answer is easier than you think. By automating your AP and AR, you can ensure the right documents get to the right people throughout the payment process.

Time Allocation

Employees spend about 30-40% of their time looking for information in email and filing cabinets

Money Loss

For every misfiled document, you lose $125; for lost documents, you lose anywhere between $350-$700 PER DOCUMENT

Business Waste

50% of business waste is made up of paper

Why Automate?

Do more with Accounting Automation. No more dreading the end of the quarter or stressing over imcomplete work on the weekend.


Accountability & Consistency

Provide your team with the tools they need to get the job done. Empower them to work independent of you.


Financial System Integration

Eliminate jumping from one piece of software to another. With DocuPhase’s Enterprise Automation Platform, all your programs talk to each other and update in real time.


Compliance & Auditability

No more panicking if you get audited. With electronic documentation, you’ll be able to present auditors with the files they need. Quickly and easily, send auditors on their way.

The Future Is Now

Evolve your Accounting software at the speed of convenience. Keep up with the ever-changing technologies and requirements within the Accounting world.

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