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How Can Enterprise Automation Reduce Employee Burnout?


The stability of your workforce can be impacted by any number of things – stress levels, repetition of tasks, and skill requirements. According to an article on, the highest turnover rates are in stressful and underpaid jobs. Not surprising, right?

While there’s more involved in the big picture, it’s a known fact that certain industries have a higher turnover rate. For example, the repetitious nature and low pay associated with fast-food jobs gives quick-service restaurants the highest turnover rate of all. A similar scenario brings retail jobs in at 2nd place on the list. Other jobs with a recipe for burnout and a high turnover rate include meter reading, nursing, and childcare.

For some jobs where there is a revolving door and nearly the entire staff is replaced on an annual basis, Enterprise Automation tools may hold the key to reducing the high turnover rate, through the minimizing of employee burnout. How is that possible? Because Enterprise Automation’s set of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tools can assist with some of the repetitive tasks that have workers heading for the door.

Here’s how Enterprise Automation can help:

The Most Repetitive Tasks, Automated

Repetitive tasks can lead to higher turnover. Imagine the person who tears your ticket stub at the movie theater, or the person who checks parking meters all day. These repetitive (and solitary) tasks quickly lead to burnout. Unfortunately, not all of them can be automated, but some can. Let’s look at accounting and healthcare as examples:

Accounting Automation

Perhaps it will surprise you that Accountant made the list of jobs with the highest turnover. Mountains of paperwork and hours spent on data entry each day can crush an employee’s morale. This is especially disheartening when you consider that these tasks can be automated! Accounting automation can make all of the difference when it comes to automating transactions and approval rules, syncing data, and automatically filing documents. Plus, with everything stored electronically, you can be audit-ready instead of dreading the possibility of being audited.

Healthcare Automation

Whether they’re dealing with new patient forms or medical claims, healthcare professionals are usually responsible for some form of data entry. This opens up the possibility for mistakes being made, and it also increases the likelihood of burnout.

If you let OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology take care of reading and entering data for you, you can eliminate costly human errors, while also saving your team a ton of time, eye strain, and the mental fatigue that can be caused by performing repetitive tasks.

This is how it works: Documents come into your system and are read automatically by your OCR software, which is looking for specific details contained within designated zones within each of the forms. Once the data is identified and read, it is entered into the system automatically, filing your documents away, and allowing you to find them at a later time by searching for that very data.

Data can also be synced across multiple systems automatically. Entering data once is quite enough. But when you have to enter it into multiple systems, not only is it a pain in the neck, but you open up the door to making more administrative errors. Fortunately, Enterprise Automation’s RPA tools can save you from that effort, along with the risk of keying data incorrectly. With data sync, you can push information to or pull information from your other systems and databases, making sure that all of the info in your various systems is accurate and up-to-date.

HR Process Automation Can Help You Cope with Burnout and High Turnover

How can you deal with high burnout and high turnover if you’re in an industry where it can’t be fully avoided? Consider how HR Process Automation can help you manage the turnover rate while also reducing the weight of some of the tasks that lead to burnout. Get your new team members onboarded quickly and easily, and allow them to focus on high-value work that will give them a greater sense of accomplishment. To learn more about Enterprise Automation, click here to sign up for a demo and discussion with one of our business consultants.

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