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Digitally transform your business with workflow automation and integrated payment solutions.


AI-driven automation and integrated payment solutions built to scale with your current and future needs.

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Gain more efficiency & control with our AP and Payments solutions that work seamlessly with your ERP.


AP Automation

End-to-end AP automation with rules-based routing, email approvals, and automatic 3-way matching.

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AR Automation

Speed up turnaround times with less manual invoice processing and benefit from early payment discounts, reduce DSO/DPO, and further optimize businesses process.

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Intelligent Data Capture

Extract line-item details with ease and achieve up to 99% touchless processing rates with human-assisted AI-driven capture that learns the more you use it.

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Financial Record Management

Easily capture, store, and manage invoices, contracts, HR records and other financial documents in a secure repository for enhanced efficiency and compliance.

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Web Forms & e-Signatures

Replace paper forms and fillable pdfs with an easy-to-use, no-code web form builder. Directly route submissions to your team to kick off a process and collect signatures with ease.

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Workflow Automation

Automate repetitive processes like P.O. requests, expense approvals, new hire onboarding, time off requests, and more with configurable workflows - without the need for IT!

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Integrated Vendor Payments

Complete the P2P lifecycle and improve vendor relationships with integrated vendor payments.

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Work With Your ERP

Automatically sync all of your vendor, invoice, and payment data between DocuPhase and your ERP of choice so you can make better data-driven decisions.

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"To have parties coming to me saying, ‘We can do more work,’ has given us the ability to complete other tasks that we hadn’t been able to do before. We’re now able to look at other areas and processes and see where we could benefit."

- PHIL JONES, Executive Director of Finance, Alimera Sciences

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Whether you're looking to automate your entire P2P process or some of it, DocuPhase is able to scale with you based on your current and future growth goals.




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