Complex Processes Simplified.

Eliminate tedious tasks, automate document-centric processes, and gain more control with DocuPhase.

DocuPhase Business Process Automation

Automation Built For Your Organization

Reduce business processing times from weeks to days
by streamlining the way your team operates.



Accounting Automation

Accelerate your invoice-to-pay processes.

DocuPhase’s accounting automation solution provides you with the tools you need to simplify, organize, and automate all of your accounting processes. Alleviate the burden of repetitive manual tasks, setting your team free to do higher-value work that better utilizes their talents.

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Document Management

Bring together data, content & processes.

Built to be scalable throughout the entire organization, regardless of company size, DocuPhase’s Document Management Software gives you control over your enterprise! Eliminate the endless search for the documents you need to do your job.

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Business Process Automation 

Go beyond accounting and apply digital transformation across your business.

DocuPhase can be used to automate processes within any department or team. From HR to Operations to Legal, work hand in hand with our team of process improvement consultants as you figure out where to begin with automating your document-centric business process.

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What is Accounting Automation?

Let DocuPhase automatically route invoices to the necessary decision makers for approval and electronic sign-off. You’ll never have to forward another invoice from your email inbox. Watch a demo of our Accounting Automation solution below.

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A Solution that Grows with You

Start anywhere, go everywhere.

Begin your Digital Transformation by building automated workflows within the department that has the greatest need. From there, you can expand to other teams: Sales, Accounting, Human Resources, Legal, Information Technology, etc.

The DocuPhase Automation platform allows you to start anywhere and go everywhere. Not sure where to start your automation transformation? We can help with that, too.


Easily Access Data

Leverage document management, web forms, and OCR tools to capture and securely store data.


Enforce Business Rules

Automate business decisions and enforce business rules and controls.


Grow & Scale

Stay focused on increasing productivity and efficiency without the worry of adding overhead.


Build & Deploy

Get rid of paper-based forms and quickly create forms using an intuitive, drag-and drop interface.

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What People Are Saying

It's been a smooth process with an accomplished team.

We're able to take paper heavy processes and make them electronic. It's a huge efficiency boost and helps make our process more scalable.

— Alanna R., Director of Operations

I love how easy it is to work with and make changes to a process.

We have greatly reduced the amount of emails, but using DocuPhase has allowed us to take control over our processes and promote consistency throughout multiple offices, as well as allowing us to see the areas where we struggle.

— Christy V., Finance Manager

We have used DocuPhase for at least 10 years.

We no longer have to go to the attic to retrieve a file and manually search through the file for the document you need. It is there at your fingertips with a few keystrokes.

— Everette B., Attorney at Law

Awesome! Great Supporting team! Would highly recommend!

If you need to go paperless, automate operations, or implement Robotic Process Automation, this is the best software [on the market today].

— Harsha V., Sharepoint Administrator

Docuphase is a solid workflow system for routing, approving, and paying AP invoices.

Everything is electronic with audit trails. Long term document storage is electronic. Eliminated the need for physically mailing and storing paper documents.

— Chad N., IT

Easy to use with first-class features.

Straightforward to implement and use. Staff with no programming knowledge can make changes to workflows. I can easily capture, secure, and share all my documents at the touch of a button. This product has saved us thousands!

— Sean C., Business Process Consultant