Operation PAR

DocuPhase Case Study

Document Management & AP Automation


In an effort to create a more efficient workplace, Operation PAR, a leading provider of addiction and mental health services in Florida, teamed up with DocuPhase to eliminate inefficiencies that were causing delays, errors, and a lack of visibility into their accounting processes.

Their primary objective was to gather business and functional requirements to streamline the storage, indexing, and processing of purchase requisitions across the entire organization.

Some of the direct challenges they sought to address included:

  • A time-consuming requisition process that relied on communication via inter-office mail
  • A disorganized paper-based approval and filing system
  • An increased risk of late and incorrect payments due to disjointed AP processes.

Results at a Glance


Improvement in turn-around time for mission critical supplies.


Improvement in overall document search capabilities.

"I no longer worry about my requests getting to the right people in time, or the need to be at my desk to sign off on urgent purchases."


The Solution

Operation PAR implemented DocuPhase's document management solution, which allowed their staff to access critical documents and information within one centralized location, from anywhere and at any time. 

The system's advanced features, including full-text search, automated document routing, and powerful auto-indexing, helped streamline the process of managing and updating records, while ensuring the utmost security and organization.

Impressed by the efficiency of the document management system, Operation PAR then opted to elevate their financial back office's capabilities by leveraging DocuPhase's AP automation solution. This empowered their AP team to efficiently manage its high volume of invoices by standardizing and automating their approval workflow processes. The solution also established indexing and retrieval requirements for all purchase requests, further improving the overall accuracy and speed of their financial back office operations.

The Results

Thanks to DocuPhase's accounting automation solution, Operation PAR has:

  • Slashed the turn-around time for mission critical supplies by 50%
  • Granted managers the ability to remotely review purchase requests via an intuitive web interface
  • Provided the accounting department with a much-needed workflow model for queuing and processing requests. 
  • Improved overall document search capabilities by 25%

“DocuPhase provided us with the professional confidence and expertise we needed to revamp our requisition process, without sacrificing valuable resources to get the job done," said Jim Miller, CIO at Operation PAR. "I no longer worry about my requests getting to the right people in time or the need to be at my desk to sign off on urgent purchases.”

Overall, DocuPhase has not only helped Operation PAR streamline its document storage and requisition workflows–it has also improved communication and visibility across the organization, resulting in increased productivity and reduced administrative burdens all around.