Altus Global Trade Solutions

DocuPhase Case Study

Financial Services
Sales, Production, H.R.
Process Automation

The Procurement Problem

Altus is a financial services firm offering comprehensive receivables management services, as well as a powerful infrastructure, sound business ethics and strong investigative capabilities. With multiple branch offices spread throughout North America combined with lengthy manual processes, Altus set out to look for an automation solution for their Sales, Production and HR departments. What they found was DocuPhase’s Enterprise Process Workflow Automation.

The Altus Team identified significant opportunities for process improvement, automation and core system enhancements that would provide both savings and potential new revenue. “Our motivation was to automate some of the most common processes that involve either filling out paperwork or sending email requests,” said Jim McDermott, Chief Operating Officer at Altus. McDermott oversees the day-to-day operations of five locations and over 200 employees.

These paper-driven processes caused numerous challenges for Altus – not uncommon for companies still relying on manual procedures, especially in growing businesses whose HR departments are consistently onboarding new employees. Some of these challenges included:

  • Inconsistency in data entry, with a high margin for error
  • Timely, costly processes
  • Duplication of data entry
  • The inability to scale cost-effectively

Results at a Glance

Reduced bottlenecks in every step of their business processes.

Instant accessibility to data and other important documentation.

Capability for continuous process improvement in Support and Accounting

"Our motivation was to automate some of the most common processes that involve either filling out paperwork or sending email requests."

JIM MCDERMOTT Chief Operating Officer, Altus

The Solution

After evaluating the capabilities of the DocuPhase platform, Altus validated its ability to provide savings and gains in a short time frame. The Enterprise Process Workflow Automation toolset enables all users to engage in complete process automation throughout the company by combining the power of Document Management and Process Workflow Automation. The system is flexible enough to be the perfect fit for automating any business process – a perfect fit for Altus, as they were hoping to implement automation in three different departments.

The Document Management Core would allow Altus to make all documents and information available at the fingertips of the employees who need it, when they need it. What’s more, it’d add fluid features to their document management system, such as full-text search, automated document routing, and powerful auto-indexing. These features reduce the time it takes to manage and update records manually, while keeping records secure and organized. In addition, the Process Workflow Automation Core would allow Altus to define how work was done. With this feature, each employee in the business process would be presented with the DocuPhase work queue, which prioritizes work depending on criticality. By controlling the way work gets done, Altus could better measure how effective their business operation strategy is, gain visibility and transparency into their processes and see where bottlenecks were occurring.

The Results

Since implementing DocuPhase, Altus has seen great time savings in the time it takes to complete each step in many of their business processes. Tasks are completed with ease as all the information required is immediately available and easily accessible to those who need it, further boosting the productivity of the business overall. The system has streamlined lengthy business processes and dramatically increased efficiency for a large team, providing more time to focus on strategic planning to grow their business.

The DocuPhase platform provided Altus with tested and proven DebtCon integration, providing direct access to supporting documents from the DebtCon Screen, as well as automatic data updates. In addition, Altus gained enhanced Collections data capture with web and mobile-enabled forms and the capability for continuous process improvement in Support and Accounting.