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Truck Country is a group of commercial medium and heavy-duty truck and trailer dealerships that also offer vehicle maintenance, repair and training services. Their reach currently extends to nine states throughout the Midwest, with 24 branches in operation today.

Business processes in the commercial trucking industry are traditionally manual, with over 90% of dealerships still relying on paper today.

Truck Country was no exception. From part order forms to invoices to service contracts, paper documents were at the core of all business processes.

This was especially problematic for their accounts payable department, whose operations hinge on remote collaboration between local employees and corporate staff in Dubuque, Iowa. Each location was required to box and ship their invoices to headquarters every week, which added up to about $15-20 per location, per week–or nearly $25,000 annual expense in shipping costs alone.

As the cost of manual processes continued to rise, leadership acknowledged the need for a more efficient and fiscally sustainable solution.

Results at a Glance


annual savings in document shipping costs alone



added business locations without increasing headcount

"DocuPhase has supported our business by allowing us to grow without added stress on the corporate team. It allows us to take on more work without adding resources."

Cameron Wolfe Corporate Controller

The Solution

Truck Country began by implementing DocuPhase’s document management system. This eliminated hundreds of thousands of physical documents and gave employees instant access to files through a single, easily searchable repository.

They then turned to DocuPhase for help digitizing their accounting processes. Through seamless integration with their dealer management system, Excede, DocuPhase’s AP automation solution streamlined their debit/credit memo creation and invoicing workflows from end-to-end.

DocuPhase’s electronic record storage and business process automation solutions have enabled Truck Country to expand to four new locations without increasing their corporate headcount. Employees can accomplish tasks more quickly and efficiently, and leadership has the visibility they need to pinpoint and rectify the root causes of process delays.

The Results

With DocuPhase's document management and AP automation solutions, Truck Country has:

  • Supported business growth, with the ability to add four new locations without increasing their corporate headcount 
  • Eliminated risks and expenses associated with paper-based invoicing 
  • Empowered teams to complete tasks more efficiently with on-demand access to records from a single repository 
  • Reduced workflow bottlenecks through custom reporting tools that allow them to pinpoint the root causes of process delays