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Why System Integration Is a Big Deal for Your Growing Company


When you hear the words “business growth” come out of the mouth of your CEO or President, what kind of images come to mind?

Do you imagine the success that comes along with acquiring new customers and keeping them happy –bumps in pay, swanky holiday parties, high fives, and flying champagne corks?


Or do you imagine the piles of work that will be coming your way – orders to process, emails to respond to, and more demands on your time each day?


The first option is how most people imagine success. The second isn’t about growing; it’s about growing pains. And these pains can be avoided by using an integrated automation platform.

Here’s the skinny on integrated systems.

Integration definition

What is System Integration? It’s when your databases are linked up, and you can push and pull information between systems. Seamless integration does these things:

  • Syncs all your programs so they can speak to each other in real time
  • Wipes out the need for double or triple entry in other programs
  • Allows for a simplified workplace process with uncomplicated access options

What can you integrate with?

If you’ve got a data integration expert at your fingertips (click here to meet with one), the sky’s the limit. Here at DocuPhase, our integration experts have created connections between our platform and Microsoft GP, NAV, SL, Outlook, QuickBooks, Oracle, Sage, SAP, NeSuite, and Salesforce, and they regularly add to that list.

So, again, what is an integration, and why is it such a big deal? It’s something that makes your work easier to accomplish, and it ensures that business growth is a wonderful thing for all of us.

It starts with Document Management

The first step is making your office a paperless workplace by using a DMS (Document Management System) that can securely store all of your files.

That way, when your business grows, you can accommodate all of the paperwork that comes along with your success.

Plus, Document Management can save your organization money along the way. Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee saves $100,000 per year by using a Document Management System.

Once you’ve got a DMS in place, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate all of the data associated with your documents, with the data found within your other systems – whether that’s payroll processing software, accounting software, or other programs you use.

Ready to visualize your company’s growth in a positive way? To take the first step toward seamless integration by selecting the best DMS for your needs, check out our free resource: Document Management Buyer’s Kit

Steve Allen

Steve Allen is the founder and former CEO of DocuPhase, a best-in-class, browser-based software that delivers unmatched efficiency to companies around the world by automating core accounting processes. He drives the innovation and product vision of DocuPhase to develop solutions to simplify the workplace.