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Driving Efficiency: DocuPhase-Powered Back Office Solutions for Truck Dealerships


In the active world of trucking dealerships, efficiency is vital. Every minute spent on manual paperwork or inefficient processes is a minute lost in terms of potential growth and profit. This is where DocuPhase steps in, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored specifically for the unique needs of trucking dealerships. Let’s explore how DocuPhase can transform your dealership's back office operations and drive success by offering streamlined processes and improved results. 

AP Automation 

Say goodbye to manual invoice processing. DocuPhase’s AP Automation solution automates the capture, processing, and routing of invoices for payment approvals, seamlessly integrating with your Dealer Management System (DMS) of choice. This not only simplifies approvals, reconciliation tasks, and getting suppliers paid, but also frees up valuable time for your team to focus on strategic initiatives. 

Document Management 

Ensure year-round compliance and stress-free audits with powerful document management software. Advanced indexing, global search functionality, and access through the DocuPhase platform guarantees instant availability of critical documents, saving time and effort during audits and day-to-day operations. 

Intelligent Data Capture 

With AI-driven and human-assisted OCR technology, DocuPhase achieves 99.99% accuracy in data capture. From header information to line items and even handwritten notes, your team can spend less time manually inputting data and more time driving your dealership forward. 

Forms & Workflow Automation 

Eliminate paper and PDF forms with DocuPhase’s intuitive form and workflow builder. Achieve a high degree of configurability without the need for IT involvement, seamlessly integrating with existing systems to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. 

Consumer & Vendor Payments 

Leverage flexible, secure payments to improve Accounts Receivable processes and reduce DSO. DocuPhase transforms traditionally expensive and disjointed payment processes into efficient, unified workflows, promoting improved vendor relationships and capitalizing on early payment discounts. 

Trusted by Dealerships Nationwide - Real Testimonials, Real Results 

Among the businesses that have placed their trust in DocuPhase are notable names like Truck Country and Midwest Transit Equipment Inc.  

“DocuPhase has supported our business by allowing us to grow without added stress on the corporate team. It allows us to take on more work without adding resources.” - Cameron W., Corporate Controller at Truck Country 


"We had tons of filing cabinets and a storage pod of old invoices. Looking at invoices was time-consuming. We have removed all of the filing cabinets from our building and no longer have to move items to the storage pod every year. We can now easily find invoices almost instantaneously." - Amy Blanchette, Midwest Transit Equipment Inc 


The impact of DocuPhase is not just theoretical – it's felt in the day-to-day operations of dealerships internationally. These are a testament to the practical benefits of DocuPhase’s solutions – from eliminating filing cabinets to scaling their business. 

Drive Forward with DocuPhase 

In a competitive landscape where time is money, DocuPhase empowers trucking dealerships to reclaim time, streamline operations, and focus on strategic growth initiatives. With trusted solutions tailored specifically for the unique challenges of the industry, DocuPhase is not just a vendor—it’s a partner in your dealership’s success story. 

Rev up your dealership’s success today with DocuPhase. Contact us to learn more about our full suite of solutions for modern finance teams. Request a demo today. 

Let’s drive towards a future of efficiency, growth, and profitability together! 


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