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Be More Organized, Agile, and Data-Driven with Enterprise Automation


When you deploy an advanced automation platform within your organization, you get more than a simple electronic filing system or a way to reduce data entry and eliminate specific tasks. You do get these things, but there’s much more involved. Sure, enterprise automation can help you save time by automating business tasks, but do you know what else can it do for you?

What Is the Agile Methodology?

According to Forbes, the agile methodology is all about “responding quickly to environmental changes, rather than keeping to a strict process or procedure.”

Along with the ECM (Electronic Content Management) tools that come with an enterprise automation system, you’re given a whole new way of viewing your business. Not only does serve as the springboard to a more organized environment, but it also gives you greater visibility into your operations, and you gain the ability to assess and update processes across any department.

An enterprise automation platform can breathe new life into your organization, allowing you to rethink how your business works, and make it better, whether you’re an industry veteran or a newcomer on the scene.

Here are 3 ways that enterprise automation can transform your organization:

Be Organized

It all starts with document management. A robust DMS (Document Management System) is the foundation of your transformation. Document management software allows you to make all of your documents and processes digital, so you have more flexibility and can get things done faster, all while creating an audit trail of everything you do.

Check out our whitepaper Document Management 101 to learn about:

  • Cutting out the cost of ink and paper and all of the hassle involved in paperwork
  • How going paperless can help you provide better and faster service to your clients
  • What document management brings to the table when it comes to security, disaster recovery, and compliance requirements

Once you lay the foundation by implementing a DMS solution, it’s time to dive into a more agile way of working.

Be Agile

Agile strategies have been becoming more and more popular within the business world. It is a work model that began in development has spread through marketing departments, and still more professionals are finding ways to apply its tenants to their work.

So what does it mean to be agile? According to Forbes, the agile methodology is all about “responding quickly to environmental changes, rather than keeping to a strict process or procedure.” The agile work style is popular amongst the Millennial 

workforce. Its key characteristics include responsibility distribution, fast response times, autonomy, and limited formalities. (Forbes)

How can you apply agile process flow strategies within your workplace? By constantly re-evaluating and improving your processes. If you use enterprise automation, these adjustments can be made using your drag-and-drop workflow designer, and your progress can be monitored through analytics dashboards.

Be Data-Driven

It may seem impossible for you to have insight into all of your company’s processes, but with enterprise automation, it’s easier than you may think.

When you use a single automation platform, you’re able to view business analytics related to every department, as long as those departments are using the platform to house their documents, data, and processes.

Using a process analytics dashboard, you can see a broad overview of each of your processes, or you can drill down into specifics, like how long each task is taking, or which person is performing the work. From here, you can see what’s consuming your time and money, and how resources can be reallocated to account for process bottlenecks.

Learn which data all CFOs should have their hands on: “Must-Have Analytics for CFOs – Where to Begin”

As you can see, using an enterprise automation platform can organize your company, but it can do much more than that. It can also make your team more agile, and it can help you better manage your resources through high-level data.

To learn more about enterprise automation and how it differs from single-purpose solutions, download our whitepaper, Enterprise Automation vs. Point Solutions.

Steve Allen

Steve Allen is the founder and former CEO of DocuPhase, a best-in-class, browser-based software that delivers unmatched efficiency to companies around the world by automating core accounting processes. He drives the innovation and product vision of DocuPhase to develop solutions to simplify the workplace.