Digital Transformation - Taking the First Steps

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Transformation! Digital Transformation! That's all we seem to be hearing about lately. 

I think a lot of people are just wondering, "What is Digital Transformation?"

For most, you need to think about how the world's been changing, how rapidly it's been changing, and how those influences about our expectations are changing.

Today, everything is getting done on the cell phone, the mobile phone. So, how can we enable our companies and our organizations to meet the expectations of how our customers, our vendors, our employees want to work today. 

Digital Transformation is about taking our environments and making them paperless. Moving information to where it can be more easily and effectively used. 

Digital Transformation is understanding how we can collect more data and then leverage that data to the benefit of our organization.

It takes focus. It takes some time to sit back and think about how these new things come into play and how it can actually transform how we do business.

Think about these questions:

  • How can I better utilize my resources?
  • How can I better serve my customers?
  • If information were more readily available or if we could interact faster, can I reduce the time it takes to deal with a customer service issue from days to hours or down to minutes? 
  • What impact would that have on my company?
  • How can I help my employees get their jobs done better and faster?"

The first step? Just go paperless.

Get that information accessible and then move it from desktop to desktop so it flows easily according to your business rules.

Then, evaluate, "How I can put mobile first and work with everybody the way they expect to work with me?"

These are just a few hints on how you might consider Digital Transformation in your organization. 

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