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Taking lean to the highest level

By | on 26, May 2014 |   Culture & Leadership Supply Chain Miscellaneous Strategy Accounting & Finance Execution Tools

For those who don’t know my consulting practice for the last few years has been dedicated almost exclusively to working with companies ready to go beyond lean tools and take the plunge – formally stru[...]

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The root of all evil

By | on 23, May 2014 |   Culture & Leadership Strategy

Functional silos – the idea that all engineers have to work in an engineering department, all sales people have to work in a sales department and all procurement people have to work in a purchasing de[...]

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Whose history are we hanging onto?

By | on 22, May 2014 |   Culture & Leadership

This morning I find myself in the rare position of agreeing with just about everything in an article written by an academic in the Harvard Business Review blog. Vijay Govindarajan, a professor from Da[...]

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Working smarter ... and harder

By | on 19, May 2014 |   Culture & Leadership

One of the most often repeated, and silliest, mantras spouted by lean advocates is that it is about working smarter, rather than working harder. In fact, working harder is right at the core of success[...]

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Why Public Companies Can't Be Lean

By | on 14, May 2014 |   Culture & Leadership

There is an article written by Sally Blount, the Dean of Northwestern’s business school, in BusinessWeek that is curiously circular in its logic, but really gets to the heart of why publicly traded co[...]

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Ford will be just fine

By | on 09, May 2014 |   Culture & Leadership

Mark Fields is replacing Alan Mulally as the head of Ford in a couple of months and I have heard some concern about that. Lean folks predict gloom and doom as a result of a hard core manufacturing guy[...]

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Doing it Lombardi Style

By | on 04, May 2014 |   Culture & Leadership Strategy

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