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Automation Delivers Faster Turn-Around Time in Customer Service


Did you know that by 2020, an estimated 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent? According to an article posted on, this startling statistic helps build the case that AI-powered, automated customer service is the way of the future.

Whether business owners like it or not, artificial intelligence and business process automation are shaping the landscape of customer service. If you’re not on board yet, check out these 7 benefits of automated customer service you might be missing out on:

1. Faster Resolutions

Automation allows for routine follow-up and better customer care. When busywork is taken care of automatically, you’ll have more time to focus on and resolve pressing issues before they blow up in to larger problems.

2. Reduced Costs

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Your team will be able to produce more output without increasing effort or work hours. This also allows you to grow your client base without growing your overhead, resulting in a reduced cost per customer.

3. Better Rapport

When ticketing processes and notifications are automated, your interactions with customers can become more valuable than requests for forms or status updates. Build rapport with your customers, all while taking care of their needs in a timely manner.

4. Mobile Access

On the client side, customer portals can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This includes computers or portable devices. On your end, you can have the same kind of mobile access to your work queue, so you can keep up with your work items, even when you’re on-the-go.

5. Automated Communications

Want to get back to your customers right away with helpful information? Set up automated communications. You can inform them of each step within a process, send them required documentation, ask them to complete customer satisfactions surveys, and more.

6. Greater Visibility

You and your customers can both keep track of requests and next steps, all within an easy-to-use customer portal. This visibility prevents misunderstandings and unnecessary frustration. All parties can stay on the same page.

7. Continuous Improvement

Use analytics dashboards to review your processes and identify any sticking points. Are there places where your team could be more productive or areas where you need to allocate more resources? The key to growth is continuous improvement through self-reflection. Unlock this kind of growth with the process analytics you need.

With all of these benefits, it’s hard to argue for the status quo. The fact is that customers are changing, and so are their expectations. We must adapt if we’re going to continue to meet their needs. To learn more about customer service automation, or to discover other applications of business process automation, click the banner below to sign up for a solution demonstration.

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