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This is a quick overview of the DocuPhase Accounting Automation platform.

It all begins when invoices come in to your organization. Whether you receive the invoice by email, mail, or fax, we're going to automate the capture of those invoices on the front end and run it through our advanced capture tool.

Once we pull all of the important information off, we're going to route that to whomever in your organization needs to review and approve each invoice.

They'll receive an email notification similar to the one on this screen and it will have all the information they need to begin reviewing the invoice.

Once inside of DocuPhase, they'll see an original vendor bill that has come through the advanced capture tool, as well as a vendor bill review form.

We can see that all the important information has been pulled off the bill, and through a direct integration with NetSuite, additional fields you wouldn't see on an actual bill, like the Vendor ID, payment terms, and payable account, are going to be displayed in one simple to look at screen.

DocuPhase is completely integrated with NetSuite, as well as other ERPs.

The Vendor Bill Review Form allows your team to code each bill outside of NetSuite.

If you have vendor defaults set up inside of NetSuite, we can pull those and automate the coding of each vendor bill. If not, no problem. The DocuPhase GLBot monitors trends and decisions your team is making. So, if you're coding the bill the same way each time, the bot will pick up those trends and suggest it for future use.

DocuPhase keeps a full audit and approval history for every document, such as, who's seen it, who's touched it, and who's made decisions.

With a running log of notes, it's very simple to communicate from user to user. 

DocuPhase presents step-by-step instructions to you and your team, letting you know what you need to do to get your work done. As well as an electronic binder which contains all the information you need to make your decision. 

Once an invoice and vendor bill has been completed and approved, DocuPhase will automate each batch and transition them into NetSuite.

Working inside of NetSuite just became a lot easier. DocuPhase surfaces all of the information associated with each batch so that you'll never have to leave NetSuite to find the information associated with each bill. 

With the click of a button, DocuPhase will launch each document associated with that bill. Or, if you prefer to see all of the documents associated with it, it provides a very easy link and button inside of NetSuite so that you can see both the invoice and the form used to code that bill.

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