Automating Data Entry with OCR

Run Time
10 Minutes

Data is transferred into your business around the clock. Whether it’s through physical mail, faxes, emails or images, it’s your job to capture the data so that it can be routed to the next step in the business process. DocuPhase’s Data Capture Core uses optical character recognition (OCR) to instantly capture and convert documents to an electronic format, increasing efficiency and reducing the resources required to keep your business moving forward.

  • Captures and validates information from documentsMobile capture available for remote and on-to-go employees
  • Mobile capture available for remote and on-to-go employees
  • Integrates with Microsoft products to make capturing information from Outlook, Excel and Word a breeze
  • Reduces human and transcription errors from manual forms
  • Automatically indexes documents and prompts user for review
  • Provides instant access to documentation, reducing cycle time