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DocuPhase prides itself on developing lasting relationships with our customers. We provide prompt expert answers to any issues that may require our support, helping you reduce the effort of operating your valuable software. 



Contact Information

Hours: Monday - Friday
8AM to 8PM EST
Phone: +1 (727) 441-8228 ext. 2


Your Support Contract

What's Covered

  • Full product support for the entire suite of DocuPhase products
  • Product installation support – providing cause and solutions to issues encountered
  • How-to guidance on system functionality
  • Access to the latest products and features with each new release

What's Not Covered

  • Support for sunset versions
  • Change requests to current product configuration
  • Any issue resulting from misuse, improper use, or invalid action
  • Any issue caused by third-party software, hardware, or network configurations that do not meet system requirements

NOTE: After-hours support is available as a billable service. Services not covered by the support contract can still be supported as a billable service.