Subscription Maintenance & Support

The DocuPhase difference includes more than just our advanced technology; it is our knowledge, skills, and experience that allow us to deliver world-class support and successful clients. It is not just what we do; it is how we do it.

Benefits of Maintenance

As a DocuPhase Maintenance Client, you are…

  • the first to receive product enhancements, new features, and product releases*
  • provided access (as described above) to our technical support team and business consultants to help resolve issues, answer questions, or provide guidance on any product use or deployment
  • eligible to become part of our BETA program: trying out the latest DocuPhase features and influencing future product lines
  • able to schedule regular system checkups with our technical team to guarantee fewer issues and ensure high system uptime rates and faster access to your documents

Support and Escalation Policies and Procedures

As Provided in the DocuPhase Service Level Agreements (SLA)

  • During the process of resolving a client support issue, the severity of the ticket may be increased.
  • Support Issue severity may be escalated internally when it is determined that the support issue involves a time or system critical issue, an extremely complex problem, or an unreasonable amount of time has passed with no resolution.
  • In the event that a client is not satisfied with the level of support, they may contact Customer Success (see Contact List on previous page) for assessment and assistance with escalation of a given support issue.

New Ticket Submission (Support Request) Assignment

Emails (received in the open queue) and voicemails (checked throughout the day) are assigned within 2 hours.

Support Severity Level Evaluation

Response and resolution times are measured from the time DocuPhase receives a Support request until DocuPhase acknowledges receipt of the request, and begins collecting any information necessary to address the issue. DocuPhase responds issues based on the timeframes associated with the level severity as shown below:

Severity Level Standard Response Time Severity Definition Resolution Effort
1 - Critical 1 hour Service is unusable, unavailable for a significant number of Users, or there is an eminent risk data loss or threat to data security. Immediate and continued effort, with continuous engagement by phone or onsite.
2 - High 2 Hours** Significant service malfunction, is materially degraded, seriously inconvenient, and/or non-critical functions cannot be performed. Continued effort (8 hours a day, 5 days a week – ET).
3 - Medium 4 Hours** Service experiences an intermittent or inconvenient error with material impact to functionality or population of Users. 5 days** with work-around provided, or corrected with an interim hot patch or next available update.
4 - Low 1 Day** Service experiences a non-critical malfunction, without material impact to functionality. 30 days** with work-around provided, or corrected with an interim hot patch or next available update.
5 – Non-Critical 5 Days** Service does not provide functionality or perform in a way that meets new needs; or client needs information about the Service. Updates provided as agreed upon during submission of Support request (case-by-case)


*Technical Support and Professional Services related to any upgrades are outside of the subscription benefit; however, these may be purchased upon signed, authorized request.

**Eastern Time, Business Days & Hours Only

Standard vs. After Hours Support

Standard Support Hours

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm ET*

Contact Methods: (727) 441-8228, Ext. 104 /

Best Practice

Both voicemail and email methods automatically trigger a support ticket; therefore, you happen to contact us during a high-call-volume period, it is recommended that you leave a voicemail or email instead of waiting on hold.

When leaving a voicemail or sending an email please include the following information:

  • Your name and company name.
  • Best method of contact (i.e., email or voicemail).
  • Contact information (i.e. email address or phone number).
  • Give a brief description of the information you are looking to obtain.
After-hours Support

Hours: Any hours that fall outside Standard Support Hours (as noted above).

Contact Methods: (727) 415-3963 After-hours support MUST be requested by phone/voicemail using Best Practices as stated above.


  1. After-hours support is available for an additional fee. The amount of the fee is subject to change per scoping and escalation requirements of services required for resolution.
  2. Upon receipt of a request for after-hours assistance, DocuPhase customers are provided with a written agreement via email that must be signed and returned, prior to receiving after-hours support

DocuPhase Key Contacts

Department Responsibility Contact Methods
  • DocuPhase software break/fix issues
  • Assistance with the DocuPhase software

Standard Hours: (727) 441-8228, Ext. 104

After-Hours: (727) 415-3963

Customer Success
  • Management of the client relationship
  • Work with clients to understand potential issues, review ideas for enhancement and product changes, as well as map/discover new ways to expand the solution

(727) 441-8228, Ext. 270

  • Provide product information, pricing, and scheduling
  • Perform Customized Demos
  • Respond to questions and concerns regarding Client accounts, contracts, and licensing
  • Assist Clients with assessment of Training needs: scheduling accordingly

(727) 441-8228, Ext.100

*Enhanced support programs are available upon request.

Request a Custom Demo