Manufacturing Automation

DocuPhase is a centralized tool for securing, managing, tracking, and reporting asset information across your entire facility. This Virtual Workforce helps your organization increase productivity, quality, and regulatory compliance without the need for additional overhead.

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Manufacture Efficiently.

DocuPhase’s Robotic Process Automation and Digital Workforce allow your organization to increase the amount of work being done exponentially. By transforming and automating core business processes, you can dramatically reduce costs, improving operations and generate greater revenue.

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Go Digital to Go Mobile.

Turn slow, paper-driven processes into automated tasks driven by electronic documents. DocuPhase’s Document Management and Wet Signature toolset allows users to sign forms on-the-go using a stylus or finger on a touch screen, or a track pad or mouse on a desktop. Authenticated users have the ability to digitally sign a section, lock it down and prevent data tampering.

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Change the way your business works with the click of a mouse. No more delays due to changing environments or increased demands while resources are reassigned.


Removing mundane, repetitive tasks from your processes allows your workers to focus on high-level activities. This contributes more value to both your business and customers.


Use the Progression Dashboard to easily identify tasks that aren’t moving and ensure quick resource balancing. Promote business continuity by following inventory turn rates.


With a simple drag-and-drop toolset, the DocuPhase Business Process Designer draws processes and assigns rules to documents stored in DocuPhase.

Case Study: Lockheed Martin yields a 96% increase in productivity.

With approximately 125,000 employees worldwide and 590+ facilities throughout the U.S., Lockheed Martin identified the need to improve a series of flawed business processes and document management issues. Learn how DocuPhase’s Robotic Automation toolset allowed Lockheed Martin to expedite all business processes.

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