Industries & Departments

Our integrated, web-based platform can be configured to automate and simplify mission-critical operations, across all industries. Plain and simple, the DocuPhase Enterprise Automation Platform will transform how work is done by each of your company’s departments.

  • Store all of your documents and data in one central repository
  • Design any process with our drag-and-drop process modeler
  • Identify and eliminate process bottlenecks and sticking points
  • Bridge the gaps between your existing systems
  • Grow your initial investment

Accounting & Finance Automation

Is your team tired of watching the to-dos pile up and the minutes tick by? Daily administrative tasks (like data entry, searching for files, sending repetitive emails) monopolize all of their time, while more important things fall through the cracks.

It’s time to make a change. With DocuPhase, your team is empowered to:

  • Automate tasks like data entry and approval routing
  • Find the documents and data they need, quickly and easily
  • Get more work done without adding more people
  • Create a virtual “paper trail” for easy auditability.



Healthcare Automation

How can you concentrate on ensuring the highest quality of patient care when the burden of operations and taxing processes are holding you back? Partner with DocuPhase to optimize hospital administration and maximize the performance of your entire team. Our process improvement experts help you identify and resolve inefficiencies in every aspect of your organization.

  • Patient records
  • HR management and certifications
  • Finance, billing, and collections
  • Facilities management
  • Hospital operations and administration


Manufacturing Automation

Worried about productivity, quality, and compliance? We’ve got you covered. We know that the manufacturing industry is riddled with complex processes and ever-changing regulations. When you combine this with old-fashioned, paper-driven operations, you’ve got a recipe for needless complications and delays. Our Enterprise Automation Platform will ensure that each of your processes is running like a well-oiled machine. It features:

  • Granular document tracking
  • Online work orders
  • An agile drag-and-drop process modeler and bot builder
  • Digital signatures
  • Uncomplicated tracking



Human Resources

Human Resources is a department rife with administrative work related to personnel files, benefits, training requirements, recruiting, and hiring. A partnership with DocuPhase can drive innovation into your HR processes, with simplified onboarding and records management. When your repetitive HR tasks are automated, you’ll have more time to focus on attracting, recruiting, engaging, and retaining high-quality employees.

  • Organize and index important records
  • Stay compliant and audit-ready
  • Synchronize data across multiple systems
  • Process PTO requests, change forms, and other submissions


Customer Service Automation

The key to customer loyalty is providing your customers with fast response times, self-service portals, and other conveniences they’ve grown to expect from today’s businesses. In order to deliver this level of customer service, you’ve got to have the right tools. That outdated snail mail and sticky note system just won’t cut it anymore. With the DocuPhase platform, you can provide:

  • Mobile access
  • Self-service portals
  • Meaningful customer interactions
  • Automated, need-based reminders
  • Routine follow-ups
  • Visibility



Banking Automation

Managing customer expectations, along with your own profitability, can be challenging. Inconsistent and inefficient practices can prevent you from delivering a high-quality experience to your valued customers. When your internal processes are organized, simplified, and automated, your customers will see the difference. Partner with DocuPhase to:

  • Reduce costs by going paperless
  • Use automated data entry and sync to minimize errors
  • Enhance member services with self-service portals


Lending Management Automation

The faster you can process requests, the more likely it is that customers are going to come to you for their lending needs. By automating your lending process, you can reduce the time and resources involved in processing loans, while also increasing customer satisfaction, retention, and referrals. Partner with DocuPhase to gain the competitive edge you need.

  • Eliminate customer obstacles
  • Increase auditability
  • Manage documents and data
  • Simplify and automate each step of the lending process



Legal Automation

Some professions are more paper-laden than others. Attorneys take this to the next level. A single case can mean reams and reams of paper. Add to that the fact that multiple cases are worked in concurrence. That adds up to a TON of paper. When you partner with DocuPhase, you get Enterprise Content Management tools and much, much more.

  • Eliminate the costs of paper and ink
  • Automate your digital filing
  • Perform full-text searches to find the records you need, fast
  • Use electronic tagging to tie together related documents
  • Automate routine tasks, freeing up your team to focus on higher-value work



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