Customer Service Automation

Your clients have valuable information that you need to perform your business process. By offering a client portal, you not only give them visibility into the process, but you have an efficient way to collect information from them.

Customer Service Automation

Share Visibility.

Don’t let your clients be the ones to tell you what tasks still need to be done. Regardless of where information lives within your organization, the DocuPhase Client Portal will locate pending items and present it to the user when they need it. In addition, notifications will be auto-generated if you are waiting on an action or document from your client.

Webinar: US Bank’s New Relationship Tool.

In order to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, US Bancorp Fund Services decided to leverage workflow automation and engage their clients using portal technology to reveal their business process in real-time.

Advanced Self-Serve Analytics.

DocuPhase Advanced Analytics provides insightful business intelligence to increase visibility into operations, accelerate decision making and unlock the value of your data. Executive, Operational and Performance Dashboards give the specific information that each member of your team needs directly to them to monitor, evaluate and analyze operations. DocuPhase Advanced Analytics provides a high-level overview of your processes.

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As information moves around your business, the DocuPhase Client Portal provides visibility to your clients. This leads to better understanding of the work being done and what steps come next for both the client and the organization.


When you request information from your client automatically, you can focus on asking them more important questions than, “Did you complete the form?” This improvement helps develop a more meaningful relationship.


Having all of the information in your business simplified and made available to stakeholders reduces the time spent searching for, recreating, and moving documents, further increasing the volume of value-added work.


With automated workflows, both internal and external stakeholders will be notified when action is required, reducing the need to send your clients on a goose chase. Should bottlenecks occur, the proper person will be notified.

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