Varex Imaging Corporation

DocuPhase Case Study

Web Forms


Varex Imaging Corporation is a leading independent supplier of medical X-ray tubes and image processing solutions.

They frequently ship materials like vendor samples and tech equipment both domestically and internationally, and historically relied on emails and Excel spreadsheets to manage shipments and compliance records.

However, this approach was prone to missed steps, omitted details, corrupted data, and delays that could take up to a month to resolve.

Seeking greater efficiency, the company began looking for a solution that could automate their workflows in order to shorten processing times for shipping requests.

Results at a Glance

With DocuPhase's web-forms and automated workflows, Varex Imaging Corporation reduced its shipment processing time from one month to just one day.

"With [DocuPhase], our shipping request process is highly improved - beyond measure. The cost is worth it because the process efficiency actually saves so much time and money."

Alix Christensen Trade Compliance Analyst

The Solution

After partnering with DocuPhase, Varex Imaging Corporation overhauled their laborious shipping process and replaced it with an automated workflow that was tailored to their needs. 

Now, any user can initiate forms via a portal link, and can track the progress of their request using a unique ID. DocuPhase’s dynamic forms logic makes data collection easier and more accurate by pre-filling and limiting fields based on user selections. Every step of the workflow is automatically routed to the appropriate approvers, which has greatly shortened the time it takes for Varex Imaging to process shipping requests. 

As an added advantage, packing slips and commercial invoice PDFs are created and sent to the logistics team automatically upon workflow completion. This ensures they have all documents needed to book and prepare the shipment without the need for any manual intervention. 

The Results

With the help of DocuPhase’s web-forms and automated workflows, Varex Imaging Corporation now processes and fulfills shipping requests faster, easier, and with greater accuracy. 

A process that previously took up to a month to complete can now be fulfilled in as little as a day, with workflow progression that isn’t delayed by back-and-forth email correspondence.

Forms are configured to ensure that submitted information will fulfill the shipping request in compliance with trade laws, and documents are automatically generated and emailed to the shipping team, making them easier to distribute, locate, and access supporting records on demand.

DocuPhase forms have increased efficiency at Varex Imaging by allowing their teams to spend less time on manual processes and to concentrate instead on higher-value tasks and strategic endeavors.