Polk State College

DocuPhase Case Study

Document Management, Web Forms


Kathy Bucklew is the Director of Enrollment Services and Registrar at Polk State College. In the last four years, the college has grown 66%, creating all new problems for the registration department among the excitement of growth. When Bucklew first came on board, she noticed one of the biggest problems was the filing system. She wanted to make the changes starting there, because she knew that if she could get a good image system that it would cut down on the amount of staff they had to use for filing, and improve services to the students.

After looking at four different solutions, Bucklew created a list of requirements in a document management system. Bucklew had selected and implemented imaging systems in two other settings, and had an idea of what she really wanted. Much of this was based on what the document management systems she had used in the past were unable to accomplish.

Results at a Glance

Reduced administrative workload by approximately 80 hours per week.

Students have their needs addressed immediately, and even misfiled documents can be located by student name or number.

"I would advise anybody who is looking at purchasing DocuPhase to consider creating a user group because once you get started, everyone is going to want it."

KATHY BUCKLEW Director of Enrollment & Services, Polk College


Specific challenges that Polk State College was facing include tremendous budgetary constraints; 66% growth that had never been addressed by the registration department in a document management sense; and student misfiling, createing a poor experience for students and faculty alike.

The Results

After implementing the DocuPhase platform, Kathy began seeing results in her department very quickly, and soon moved the solution to include other departments in the college that were required to meet certain document requirements. Additional applications were created for meeting minutes, re-accreditation record keeping, etc.