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DocuPhase Case Study

Workflow Management


The mission of the OESJ Central School District is for every student to experience an enriching environment where they will master the skills necessary for 21st century learning and reach their full potential for applying knowledge.

OESJ is a small, rural K-12 district in upstate NY that was formed by merging two even smaller districts. They tasked their Director of Technology, Bill Cooper, with implementing tech for students & staff and saving the district money. Bill had some experience with digital forms and decided to tackle the problem of reducing paper use.


Results at a Glance

OESJ is a small K-12 school district that wanted to eliminate paper and save money.  By digitizing workflows, teachers are now able to focus on students rather than paperwork. With the help of DocuPhase's world-class customer support and client services, OESJ's small I.T. team of just two people has digitized complex workflows like purchase requests and employee on-boarding. 

"The platform is very flexible and robust. The ability to integrate into other software platforms such as Active Directory, G Suite, and our H.R. software saves us countless hours of paperwork as well as simplifying record keeping. Workflows have been configured to eliminate time-consuming paper and email trails."

John Van Vught Financial and System Analyst

The Solution

After investigating a few solutions, OESJ selected DocuPhase Cloud for its drag-and-drop design, robust dynamic forms, 100% browser-based interface, integration with Google Apps and the ability to route the form to different recipients based on user data.

OESJ decided to first digitize their purchase request workflow. It’s filled out every year by teachers. Prior to DocuPhase, teachers would fill out the form on paper and walk it over to the administrative office. They might have to go back in to answer questions and the paper form would then be signed and sent to the business office where the whole paper-based routine would start over.

Using DocuPhase’s low-code, visual solution OESJ digitized their purchase request workflow. Today, teachers fill in an electronic form and submit it. The system automatically routes it to the administrative office. If there are questions, the form can be electronically sent back to the teacher. Once approved and e-signed, the purchase request is automatically routed to the business office for further processing.

OESJ then chose to tackle HR employee on-boarding. This was a more complex process involving multiple forms, PDF generation for government W-4 and I-9 forms and electronic signatures that was being handled on paper. With support from DocuPhase’s Client Services team, they were able to digitize the entire workflow and deploy it internally.

The system is very flexible and also very robust at the same time. OESJ’s employees are very happy with new electronic process. Integrated PDF generation, mobile support and electronic signatures mean that new employees fill in information once and sign electronically using their trackpad or touchscreen device. Duplicate data-entry and errors are eliminated, and the data and signature are automatically transcribed to multiple PDF documents.

The system also integrates with Google so employees can simply sign in with their Google accounts. There’s no need to remember a separate login and password. Further, integration with Google Drive means that documents from employee on-boarding packets to purchase request approvals can be electronically saved to a Google Drive folder.

OESJ intends to continue digitizing additional forms & workflows such as parent permission forms and to integrate them with their school information and accounting systems.

The Results

With DocuPhase, OESJ's inefficient paper records were seamlessly replaced with modern online forms. They no longer need to duplicate data entry efforts, which saves them time and reduces the number of errors and typos in their database. Teachers no longer need to waste time chasing down signatures, giving them more time to focus on what really matters–their students. DocuPhase’s drag & drop design, PDF generation capabilities, and convenient e-signature functionality make it easier than ever to design, deploy, and update forms that solve real business issues.