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DocuPhase Case Study

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The client site is a regional office of a non-profit state agency designated to provide services to older adults and citizens with disabilities in a 16-county region. These services are offered directly by staff hired by the agency and through contracts with over 40 service provider agencies in the region. Office personnel are responsible for contract management, billing, invoicing, and quality assurance of all services funded through this office.

Staff members at this non-profit service are faced with growing administrative and direct service demands in an office that lacks a clearly defined document management process. Other challenges included the organization facing a required growth to continually keep up with their demand. They also needed this project to be completed without incurring additional staff or expenses to ensure the ROI remains not only fast, but rapid and traceable.

The Solution

After researching several document management specialists, the office staff and the agency’s IT staff agreed that DocuPhase offered the most comprehensive and cost-efficient solution to their workflow and document management issues. Within a week, the DocuPhase solution had been implemented and configured and the staff had been trained.

The Results

Immediately the office realized greater staff efficiency and increased productivity. Additionally, DocuPhase’s secure web access allowed the electronic sharing of documents between users and target audiences in the office as well as remote locations, including state administrative offices. Tangible results included having a centralized location for all of their business documents, having defined and standardized business processes, improving collaboration, efficiency, and productivity, and providing remote access to mission-critical documents.

Results at a Glance

Greater staff efficiency.

Increased productivity.

Instant access to documentation.

Gained defined business processes.

Improved collaboration.