Lewis, Birch & Ricardo, LLC

DocuPhase Case Study

Document Management

The Procurement Problem

DocuPhase was engaged by LBR, a premier provider of litigation support services, to provide and implement an Electronic Content Management system that immediately resolved their paper based challenges. DocuPhase worked with LBR to understand the business challenges associated with litigation support and cooperatively developed both an efficient scanning workflow and optimized indexing structure for rapid retrieval.

LBR faced unique issues due to the sheer amount of paper volume and binders required to substantiate support for business evaluations and analysis.

  • Encumbered by binders and documents associated with each legal matter
  • Often had to carry luggage carriers with boxes of documents for a single meeting
  • Required by law to provide opposing attorneys with financial documents and analysis in a timely manner, meaning speedy replication was extremely challenging but necessary

Results at a Glance

Created an effective management system that allowed the company to eliminate old case files and decrease long-term liability.

Provided instant accessibility to data and other important documentation.

"I have and would recommend this solution to other companies, as I could not imagine running our business without the DocuPhase document management solution."

MICHAEL LEWIS Managing Partner, Lewis, Birch & Ricardo, LLC

The Solution

The Document Management Core would allow Lewis, Birch & Ricardo, LLC to make all documents and information available at the fingertips of the employees who need it, when they need it. What’s more, it’d add fluid features to their document management system, such as full-text search, automated document routing, and powerful auto-indexing. These features reduce the time it takes to manage and update records manually, while keeping records secure and organized.

The Results

The DocuPhase solution that LBR implemented quickly validated their purchase by giving them immediate visibility to client files, exhibits, and other legal material that has to be shared among the departmental employees. Employees can now access all case documents in a concurrent manner, reducing copying costs exponentially. In addition, partners have access to documents remotely when they need to access specific case files. DocuPhase also:

  • Eliminated the need to create document binders containing information requested by opposing attorneys which freed up employee effort
  • Provided a disaster recovery procedure for the paper based documents by storing them electronically
  • Created an effective record management system that allows LBR to eliminate old case files and therefore decrease overall long-term liability
  • Provided a system of accountability for both clients and attorneys that are required to provide documentation supporting their cases

Michael Lewis, Managing Partner at Lewis, Birch & Ricardo, LLC stated, “Our firm has a large number of concurrent cases running at any one point in time. It is vital that we have access to all case documents on demand due to the nature of litigious matters. The DocuPhase team provided a great foundation for our document management system that has allowed us to leverage it in ways that were not anticipated prior to the purchase. I can be confident that documents will be in the system due to the well-defined processes that we co-developed with the DocuPhase implementation team. Other firms have actually asked us what system we use because of the way we are able to provide quick access to their document needs. The manner in which we provide document lists to other firms has provided significant savings to our firm and is a strategic advantage when it comes to competing companies.”