Florida-Based HME Company

DocuPhase Case Study

Medical Equipment
Process Automation


Increasing revenue, reducing operating costs, and improving patient satisfaction while maintaining industry compliance was paramount to our HME customer; however, the ability to achieve these goals was limited by laborious, manual processes. They were struggling to achieve their true potential for scale and began searching for document management and automation solution. This HME company had several challenges that are common across the home healthcare industry:

  • Challenging web-service integration
  • Limited users that could complete tasks simultaneously
  • CRM, Billing, Document Imaging, and Workflow were not linked together
  • A lot of manual paper-pushing to get work done
  • Unable to meet demand with the number of resources they had available – there were a backlog of orders to process
  • No accountability or visibility, no way to track or confirm information

Results at a Glance


Increase in productivity.


Increase in patient volume, without the need for additional overhead.


Decrease in costs.

"Nothing falls through the cracks. We would never be able to process the volume we process now without DocuPhase."

MARC DocuPhase Administrator, Florida-Based HME Company

The Solution

With DocuPhase providing process automation, document management and business analytics solutions, the company was able to reduce risk of claim denials, remove the burden of compliance and increase their profitability. They integrated the software with existing systems so that DocuPhase became the single source for them to gain complete control and management of their operational, financial, and back-end administrative processes from patient intake to claims processing.

The Results

This resulted in a 260% increase in productivity and increased patient volume from 150,000 to 500,000, without the need for additional labor. In addition, 65-90 users can now simultaneously access workflows, processing upwards of 70,000 documents per day.