DocuPhase Case Study

de maximis, inc.
Environmental Project Management (Accounts Payable)
Document Management Core, Enterprise Workflow Automation Core, Electronic Forms Core, Advanced Capture Core



Since 1988, de maximis, inc. has provided Project Coordination and Management services to multi-party groups involved in environmental projects throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Their staff of professional Project Managers has a unique blend of experience in industry, regulatory agencies, remedial contracting, and engineering/environmental consulting.

De maximis’ focus is on efficiently managing and providing project coordination services, which requires them to have clear-cut and consistent processes – a lofty goal in such a broad, people-focused industry.

In their search for a solution that would provide a more consistent method of capturing payable invoices and associated approvals, one of de maximis’ major goals was to streamline the amount of time being spent by employees on the tasks associated with accounts payable, so that the employees could focus on providing an increased level of service to their customers.


Prior to employing the DocuPhase solution, the biggest pain points for de maximis revolved around the accounts payable process. Their primary concern was providing a more efficient way of distributing AP invoices to external resources for review and approval. There was a driving business initiative and overall hope for movement to electronic management. As a company, they were ready to embrace the associated benefits of managing documents electronically.

Additional challenges included the following:

  • Manual invoice and approval processes were incurring extra time and costs.
  • Workers had to look up approvals in email replies and paper work orders.
  • External parties didn’t have any access to the current process.


De maximis chose to implement the DocuPhase platform due to its ability to automate the process, combined with the capacity to allow external parties and contractors to make approvals without needing to log in. The software would give the company a means of providing selective access for certain users and explicit permission controls for administrators.

Once de maximis began working with DocuPhase, it didn’t take long to translate their well-crafted process into an electronic, automated environment.

While working through the adoption phase, de maximis has found the new system to be reliable. It has been easy for them to train new team members and external parties who need to make approvals. DocuPhase’s support team has been responsive in the few instances that it has been needed, and de maximis reports overall satisfaction with their choice in DocuPhase.

Results at a Glance

Implemented a more consistent method of capturing payable invoices and associated approvals. 

Employees can now focus on providing an increased level of service to their customers.