ArrMaz Custom Chemicals

DocuPhase Case Study

Document Management


ArrMaz is a chemical processing and contract manufacturing powerhouse with headquarters in Mulberry, FL.

As their operation expanded over the years, the manual paper processes that drive their daily operations were just not agile enough to support the growth. After browsing several vendors and exploring options for building, finding, and/or procuring a solution, ArrMaz began the selection process for a document management vendor.

The core processes the company was looking to improve involved the incoming raw materials process which involved both QA and accounting, and the invoicing process. Facing many requirements common to the custom manufacturing industry, ArrMaz was having major problems with managing the paper processes in the procurement and accounting sectors of their business. After analysis, it was clear that the workers were all of sufficient quality, and that the goal was within sight – it was simply unattainable with the current procedures.

They also faced the common issue of document retention for compliance – the dreaded “7 year” standard. Many of the documents being generated by the company would need to be kept and stored for 7 years in case of an audit or legal request. This caused storage problems in a warehouse full of boxes and paper that was having space reduced. Before automating, employees would commonly spend days finding and gathering documents from boxes and filing cabinets in the facility before they could proceed with their next tasks.

In addition to the process for receiving raw materials, their invoicing process looked much like other companies who are still relying on manual routing: invoices would come to reception where a worker would open them. This worker would forward invoices to accounting, where an accounting clerk would route them to individual departments.

This creates a problem – employees are spending time making decisions that could easily be automated and set to follow established rules and patterns, when those same workers could be performing value-adding tasks to ArrMaz’s customers.

Results at a Glance

Reduced bottlenecks in every step of their business processes.

Instant accessibility to data and other important documentation.

"We might have achieved the same growth without DocuPhase, but it would have been with severe pain and higher cost."

ROBIN STEVENS Solutions Analyst, ArrMaz

The Solution

The Document Management Core would allow ArrMaz to make all documents and information available at the fingertips of the employees who need it, when they need it. What’s more, it’d add fluid features to their document management system, such as full-text search, automated document routing, and powerful auto-indexing. These features reduce the time it takes to manage and update records manually, while keeping records secure and organized.

The Results

After implementing Docuphase’s Document Management and Data Capture software, it was not long before ArrMaz began seeing clear results. The solution was originally going to be brought in for accounting, but after seeing the potential for the QA process, the QA department added an instance of the software and was off and running before the original accounting implementation could even finish. The best part? QA was implemented in half of a work day, and accounting in two days total.

Stating that the reason for choosing DocuPhase was the user-friendly nature of the software and the low cost, ArrMaz has been satisfied with their implementation. The QA process was implemented in September of 2010, and the AP Invoicing process was put in place December of the same year. The company plans to continue using the software indefinitely, and is looking to implement more instances of DocuPhase Document Management as well as Progression workflow automation in the accounting, HR, procurement, and Employee Health and Safety (EHS) departments of the organization.