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End-to-End AP Automation Software Evaluation Guide


An inefficient Accounts Payable system can be incredibly detrimental to any organization. Despite the nature of AP as a largely behind-the-scenes process, it’s a critical component of a well-functioning business.

Throughout the last decade, the accounting world has made enormous strides to replace the costly and outdated paper-based processes that have long plagued finance professionals. The value of automating AP goes far beyond simple convenience. Without consistent and efficient invoice processing, your business is likely to be saddled with late fees, penalties, poor audit performance, and strained relationships with your suppliers. 

Whether you are just now looking into automation or if you have already dabbled in automation and are ready to explore what a complete “end-to-end” AP system can do for you, you’ll need to be well informed before diving into the rapidly-growing market of process automation.


About this Ebook

Making a change to Accounts Payable processes can be quite intimidating. There are countless solutions out there and picking the wrong one could leave your team in a worse place than where they started. Knowing what to prepare and how to engage in useful discussions both internally and with software vendors is essential to finding the perfect match for your organization.

That’s where we come in. Our AP Automation Software Evaluation Guide is designed to give you a head start on your digital transformation with resources to help you research, evaluate, and eventually partner with an automation provider that will set up your finance team for long-term success.


What’s Inside

The information within will help you identify your AP automation needs, prepare for conversations with vendors, and evaluate potential software partners. Inside you’ll uncover tips, tricks, and checklists that will help you:

  • Determine preparedness for automation
  • Identify organizational requirements
  • Create functionality checklists
  • Compare and evaluate vendors
  • Calculate ROI and TCO for automation

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