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7 Advantages of Using Web Forms


Forms are a fundamental part of many businesses. They drive processes in all industries and span multiple departments, whether it’s collecting information from customers, receiving applications in HR, managing time off submissions, or handling purchase requests in the back office.   

For organizations that are still heavily reliant on PDF fillable forms, there's a better way: web forms (commonly referred to as e-forms, digital forms, or electronic forms).  

There are several reasons why web forms are becoming more widely adopted by organizations. In this blog, we’ll explore the top seven advantages of using web formsin place of traditional paper-based forms. 

1. Anytime Access 

Do you ever find yourself on the road for business and unable to keep up with your daily tasks? Web forms can resolve this remote access issue.  

When your forms are cloud-based, you can access them from anywhere with an internet connection. This can also come in handy if you have long-distance customers who need to submit forms, or if your business operates out of multiple locations.  

2. Less Paper

Going paperless offers numerous benefits for minimizing the costs of your back-office processes.   

By reducing paper usage on forms, you spend less on materials like ink and paper. Additionally, digitized forms eliminate the risk of losing documents, saving you from the frustration and cost of searching for and recreating lost forms.  

With organizations spending an average of $120 on document retrieval alone, going digital is a win-win solution, saving your business both time and money. 

3. Easy to Route

Web forms allow for easy updates by multiple users without the need to print or scan. This process is entirely electronic and can be automated with workflow software. 

Additionally, by incorporating electronic signatures with web forms, supervisors can approve departmental requests without the hassle of printing documents that may get misplaced. Instead, the system automatically directs the form to the appropriate person, who is notified and can complete the task online from anywhere. 

4. Quality Control

Creating web forms allows you to control the quality of the data you’re collecting. By setting up controls to ensure that invalid details cannot be submitted (including their email address, phone number, etc.) your team can ensure accurate data capture upfront.  

Additionally, the integration of form fields with your current databases facilitates the automatic synchronization of data across all systems, ensuring error-free and consistently updated information. 

5. Workflow Automation

If your web form software includes workflow automation, you’ll have the ability to embed forms into your business processes.   

Research indicates that 50% of organizations leverage automation to minimize human errors. Whether as a pivotal step within an existing process or as a catalyst for new workflows, web forms offer a streamlined alternative to chaotic email threads and cumbersome paper stacks. 

6. Audit Trails

For forms that require multiple touchpoints for input and signatures, web form software allows you to track your forms through each step of the process, resulting in easy reporting and auditability. Submissions are also instantly available for your team to review, which enables a more transparent and traceable process. 

7. Automated Error-Free Calculations

When using a web form for order or invoice creation, you also gain the advantage of automatic calculations for prices, quantities, tax, shipping, and other relevant details. This eliminates errors, saves valuable time and effort, and prevents frustrations caused by inaccurate invoices or purchase orders, ensuring smooth transactions and positive ongoing relationships. 

Final Thoughts

Web forms offer a modern solution for businesses seeking enhanced efficiency. By adopting a solution like DocuPhase web forms, organizations can streamline processes, improve data accuracy, and simplify access. 

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