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DocuPhase and Procede Partner to Accelerate Efficiency in the Trucking Industry


In the trucking industry, business hinges on an accurate and efficient flow of documentation. 

From service technicians’ purchase requests to sales teams’ buyer and rental agreements, every team depends on accurate and reliable information to keep things moving. 

But keeping track of so many moving parts can be a daunting process, especially when forms need to flow between departments for approval.

That's why DocuPhase is proud to announce its partnership with Procede, offering digitized and automated forms, workflows, and payment processes to Excede software users to help them stay on track.

By eliminating communication bottlenecks and granting real-time visibility into processes, our Excede integration empowers teams to reduce their reliance on paper and increases their bandwidth so that they can redirect their efforts toward their business' highest-value tasks. 

Document Dilemmas in Your Dealership  

Traditionally, paperwork has played an integral role in dealerships’ day-to-day operations.  

Invoices, contracts, service forms, and parts requests ultimately rely on a flow of paperwork. However, printed documents are at risk of being damaged, mismanaged, or potentially lost as they are shuffled between departments.  

This often results in duplicated efforts and communication bottlenecks which impede productivity; but an even greater risk is that unauthorized parties may gain access to sensitive information, putting both customers and organizations at large in danger. 

As a result, many dealerships have opted to go paperless with digital document storage. While digitizing documents is a great start, businesses often still rely on disparate programs, causing frustration for employees who must enter data multiple times and suffer poor communication and visibility between departments. 

DocuPhase's Simplified Solution 

DocuPhase, by contrast, is an easy-to-use document management and business process automation solution that eliminates paper-based processes and manual tasks from your day-to-day. 

By integrating your document management, forms, and automated workflows into Excede, DocuPhase provides all the benefits of digital document storage with the convenience of a single, modernized platform. 

Utilizing DocuPhase as your integrated automation solution allows your teams to leverage: 

  • Digital forms that can be signed virtually and indexed automatically upon submission 
  • Configurable workflows, such as automatic routing of your teams’ requisition forms to the appropriate purchase approvers 
  • End-to-end automation of your procure-to-pay process, from capturing invoices to matching P.O.s to paying your vendors 
  • OCR technology for automatic data capture of your most frequently received paper documents 
  • Anywhere access to data via cloud-based storage
  • Integrated collaboration tools with full version control visibility
  • Secure document storage with role-based access 

When dealerships pair DocuPhase and Excede together, they enjoy more cohesive and simplified workflows, full process visibility, and the ability to redirect employee’s efforts toward their highest value skills and talents. 

Our Procede Partnership 

DocuPhase is proud to call itself Procede’s preferred integration partner for document management and workflow automation solutions.  

Through our collaboration, we offer dealerships a zero-friction, custom-configurable way to automate and optimize their workflows for maximum cost-savings and resource efficiency. 

To learn more about how DocuPhase functionality can complement your team's existing processes in Excede, schedule a call with one of our automation experts today!



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