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Are You Missing Out On These Document Management Features?


If you’ve invested in a Document Management System, how can you be sure you’re getting your money’s worth? Are you using all of the features, or are you missing opportunities to optimize your daily experience?

Today’s blog post contains information specifically intended for our current DocuPhase customers. We’re going to explore 7 free features that you might be missing out on.

Are You Using These Document Management Features?

1. Document Tagging

Have you ever noticed the Tag field in your advanced search options? That’s there because you can add custom keywords to any documents and then retrieve them based on the tag.

You can use document tags to associate documents with each other for any reason, whether for an audit or based on a document’s status.

When you’re ready to retrieve the set of documents that all have a certain tag, just search by the tag!

2. Customizing Your Tools and Icons

Interested in customizing your DocuPhase experience? Check out the Preferences gear on the top right of your screen. Once you’re in your Preferences, you can use the View tab to select the page you want to view after logging in. While you’re in there, you can modify your global search settings using the Global Search tab, and more.

You can also change the contents to your Installs folder and customize your Tools dropdown tab. Even the DocuPhase Corporation icon (at the top right of your screen) can be altered to say whatever you’d like and can lead to wherever you’d like. Just update the Corporate Name and Corporate URL fields in your settings.

3. Saving and Sharing Common Searches

Do you find yourself conducting the same searches over and over? Do others at your company perform the same searches as you? Imagine the time you could save by saving and sharing these common searches.

Here’s how you do it: After you enter your search criteria, scroll down and name the query in the Save Query As box. Then, check off the Shared option if you want others to be able to use the search, too. Select Save to run the search and save it for future use.

When you want to access your saved searches in the future, just scroll down to the bottom of the Search page, and you’ll see your saved searches under the My Queries tab, along with searches other people have saved and shared, under the Shared tab.

4. 1-Click Document Lookups with iLink

How many different windows do you usually have open at the same time? If it’s more than 2 or 3, you probably get tired of switching back and forth from window to window.

DocuPhase has a solution to this tiresome window-switching problem: You can create custom lookups that are triggered by 1 click from within any application. Whether you use Microsoft GP or another program, you can use the iLink tool to designate a specific zone to read within the window. iLink will place a button within the window that allows you to click once to perform a quick search in DocuPhase for documents containing the characters within the designated zone!

This can reduce the amount of time you spend switching from window to window, and it cuts steps out of your DocuPhase search process.

5. Scanning with Hot Folders

How do you get your documents into DocuPhase? Depending on your current process, it’s possible that using Hot Folders could save you some time.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create a hot folder on your network.
  • Scan or drag a file into the hot folder to send it to ScanDox, presorted into the profile of your choice.

It’s just that easy. Hot folders can save you time by automating some of the steps in your scanning and indexing process.

6. Process Analytics Dashboards

It’s hard to know how to improve processes without looking at analytics. In DocuPhase, you can view graphs of your process components – which tasks are being completed most often, which tasks are taking the most time, etc. Armed with hard data, you can identify process bottlenecks and re-assign resources as necessary.

7. The DocuPhase Learning Library

Did you know that DocuPhase offers online training modules? Go to to register. The Learning Library is organized into courses, which include DocuPhase Essentials, ScanDox instructions, information on the latest release of the DocuPhase platform, and more. If you’re looking for more details on any of the content of this webinar, the Learning Library is a great place to peruse.

Want more tips and tricks? Check out our most recent webinar recording, 7 Free DocuPhase Features You Are Missing Out On, or register for the DocuPhase Learning Library.

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