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DocuPhase 6.3 Upgrade

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DocuPhase 6.3 is now available! Keep your software investment current with our latest release. Benefit from the most up-to-date features including:

  • Modularized Work Item Viewer – You can now cusomize the Work Item Viewer. This allows you to literally rearrange certain areas of the window: making prioritization of tasks easier and giving you more control over your environment
  • Task Multi-select in the Advanced Cue – You can now choose the highest priority tasks for immediate processing, as well as reduce clicks and the time it takes for loading/reloading documents in the Work Item Viewer.
  • Edit Indexes Directly in the Work Item Viewer – In the past it required multiple clicks to change an index, as well as having to go to a screen specific to making index edits. Now with inline edit, you can easily click the change the index(s) right from within the work item viewer.
  • Workflow History Filtering – The Workflow History feature was introduced in 6.2, and now it’s been enhanced to allow you to filter the tasks displayed.
  • Work Item Notes Filtering - The Notes feature in the DocuPhase Work Item Viewer has now been enhanced through the reduction of required screen real estate (by suppressing the display of System Notes), along with the addition of searchable attributes that allow you to search Notes by user, time date, and even by specific key words or phrases.
  • New DocuPhase Document Management Online Help - Based on User focus group feedback, the first phase of 6.3 Online Help provides a brand new, all-in-one, user-friendly interface.  You can now get relevant Help for whatever Document Management screen you’re on, as well as search and see results in the same window: no more secondary search window.

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