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DocuPhase 6.2 Upgrade Assessment

DocuPhase 6.2

DocuPhase 6.2 is now available! Keep your software investment current with our latest release. Benefit from the most up-to-date features including:

  • Faster Progression Entry – Workflow users will see a reduction in the time between entering a document into the system and the initiation of the first user task or Bot-assigned task.
  • Improved Viewer Functionality – The HTML5 viewer will display several additional file types in the new release, and the download of remaining non-native file types will be streamlined.
  • iLink Updates – iLink users will see a reduction in associated CPU usage, along with more consistent screen reads, resulting in more accuracy in search results.
  • Work Item Forms Integration – By reducing a user’s need to flip back and forth between a document and a form, this new holistic, integrated view will streamline work item processing.
  • iForms Upgrade - Along with design and rule enhancements, the latest iForms upgrade will also allow for easier business rule creation, simplified testing within the designer, and compatibility with Android devices.
  • New Advanced Work Queue - The newly designed advanced work queue easily adapts to high volumes of tasks, providing workflow users with lightning-fast search, shorter load times, and an updated interface.
  • System Performance Improvements - Users will experience improvements in site navigation and overall functionality.

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