Clearwater, FL (July 1, 2014) – DocuPhase (DBA iDatix) and InRule Technology announced today a strategic business alliance that will extend the DocuPhase offering with the rule based capabilities of InRule, the premier BRMS for the Microsoft platform.

    InRule can now be deployed as part of the DocuPhase Platform to allow business rules to be authored and executed in the context of process design/workflow and document management. This delivers an enhanced automation of business processes that makes workflow and logic management dynamic.

    Individually, the companies have provided enhanced agility for core business processing applications. With deeply integrated process design tools, web forms, document management, and analytics, DocuPhase has helped organizations streamlines their processes, fill the gaps in current core applications and simplify their workplace.

    InRule enables organizations to create, control and consume business rules. By leveraging InRule, business users and subject matter experts can author and test processes and rules. Empowering non-technical users to make rule modifications allows IT to focus on critical issues within the organization.

    According to Steve Allen, CEO of DocuPhase, “Traditionally, most organizations take months or years to develop solutions, only to find that the newly deployed systems don’t meet expectations, are too rigid to operate, and are too expensive to update, modify or change. InRule enhances the DocuPhase platform and gives business users a way to quickly develop complex business applications for business process improvement that include sophisticated rules evaluation to meet the vision and expectations of the organization. By their very nature, rules automated via InRule make dynamic logic part of the agile business process not an afterthought or work-around.”

    The companies share a common vision of an “Agile” business process automation environment in which workflows and logic can be easily changed to suit the needs of the business in a common context and technology environment with effective collaboration between IT and business users.

    “Many users of InRule have used the powerful rule facilities to establish varying degrees of interoperability with workflow and document management systems, using both custom apps and popular COTS products. We’ve never positioned InRule as a workflow engine or BPM tool,” said Rik Chomko, co-founder and COO of InRule Technology. This integration “offers another way to further deliver on our mission: to leverage rules to get decisive results from systems and make the process of doing so more agile.”

    The companies will approach deployment as a combination of the established integration between their respective products and a custom deployment based on individual user needs.

    “Putting together this relationship has been really fun and exciting. It’s also been refreshing working with Paul and the InRule team on solving real, relevant business problems,” said Allen. “We are excited for the partnership knowing that we will help businesses across the world become even more efficient and successful. Our partnership with InRule delivers in ways that will provide amazing value to our clients.”

    Paul Hessinger, CEO of InRule Technology added, “We welcome DocuPhase as our newest technology partner and we look forward to showcasing jointly to many companies in the future; we have common company cultures and share a passion for empowering people and automating businesses processes.”