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The Real Cost of Inefficient Paper Processes

By | on 17, Jun 2020 |   Document Management Going Paperless

Visit Starbucks for a caramel macchiato and it will cost you somewhere between $3 and $5—without a tip. But as one interesting online piece pointed out, the habit of picking up that cup of Joe can cos[...]

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3 Important Steps to Prepare for Automation

By | on 09, May 2018 |   Accounting Automation Document Management System Going Paperless enterprise automation DM software

Do you shy away from the automation conversation because the change to your business seems too great? Automating your business can be a big undertaking, but you don’t have to do it all at once.

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Learn How to Make Paperless Progress with “Not Your Mama’s Guide to Going Paperless”

By | on 06, Sep 2017 |   Document Management Going Paperless

In traditional, paper-bound offices, people are accustomed to tracking down documents, using their email inbox to find files they need, recreating lost documents, and trying to organize files using fo[...]

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Seamless Integration Is Knocking - It Wants to Help You Go Paperless

By | on 13, Jun 2017 |   Document Management go paperless Going Paperless seamless integration

You’ve heard that voice in your head – the one that says “there must be a better way to do this.” Just because shuffling paperwork has worked up until now, that doesn’t mean you should let the ineffic[...]

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